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Youtube and the Bonnier Group war against freedom of expression

Social media platform YouTube is still removing socially important videos uploaded online by the Alternative for Sweden party and the Swedish politicians may behind it.

By – Brünnhilde

Youtube has started its “war” against freedom of expression, according to AFS party leader Gustav Kasselstrand. But at the core of the scandal, it is revealed to be the Bonnier Group’s war against freedom of expression, which began in the spring.

When Free Times wrote a series of articles in the Spring about the Bonnier Group and its magazine Expressen’s drive against hatred and anti-semitism on the internet, the Swedish government was given the opportunity to exert great pressure on popular networkers like Youtube and Google. They threatened restrictive legislation on the companies themselves if they did not start deleting so-called “hatred” from their services.

Bonnier’s campaign succeeded in pressuring Youtube to delete Review Sweden from its platform. This happened despite the fact that no court has pronounced the content of the channel as illegal. Search results for the Holocaust was also deleted from Google and MSN after pressure from media giant newspapers.

Google has to start taking responsibility for the content spread on its internet platforms. It’s not fair for Google, for example, to help users find Nazi sites,” claimed Thomas Mattsson, chief executive editor, in a blog post.

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Amongst the public uproar, Today’s News published a leader entitled “The Netjets Are not Our Friends”, in which they demanded tougher laws.

Expressen claimed that it was “illegal” content that would be removed from the internet, but in reality it has been about much more than that. After the erase, Youtube has continued to search and remove fully legitimate immigration-critical views.

In recent weeks, the media giant has deleted several of the Alternatives for Sweden’s films as well as disabling the immigrant-critical party’s account. In this case, the “illegal” videos are not judged by any court, but by Youtube itself who has stepped in to act as a judge and punisher.

The latest AFS clip as Youtube erased is party leader Gustav Kasselstrands speech to the nation, as seen by thousands of people.

Consequently, the consequences of the Bonnie Times’ hoot hunt against dissent have prevented democratic political parties from pursuing election campaigns on an equal footing with others. Deleting from Youtube can make a big difference, because of the media giant’s dominance and spread.

“Youtube has declared war on Alternatives for Sweden as well as freedom of expression,” says Gustav Kasselstrand. “This is a major threat to freedom of expression. But the social media companies are just custodians for a corrupt establishment of politicians and journalists.”

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“At the beginning of the year, Thomas Mattsson contacted the Expressen Justice Minister Morgan Johansson. They had a meeting together, where Mattsson represented the entire media world in the form of the magazine publishers,” Kasselstrand reveals. “At this meeting, Johansson expressed his wish that he would contact the big social media companies to get rid of so-called offensive material, that is, common sense and immigration criticism.”

“Very well, Morgan Johansson also acted as a fool for the media. He contacted the social media companies and told them it’s time to start self-sufficiency. They will then introduce self-cleansing of the material that appears on their platforms, and if they do not, they will instead be subject to stricter legislation to remove immigration-critical material.”

And that is precisely what’s happening now, says Gustav Kasselstrand.

“That is why we are now seeing this increasing censorship against Sweden’s alternative parties and other immigrant-critical actors. It is therefore a direct order from Thomas Mattson and the major mass media in Sweden,” points out Kasselstrand.

“Politicians have acted as intermediaries between Expressen and the major social media companies. It is a whirlwind of various actors trying to quench the free debate in Sweden. The big social media companies are thus in the bed with politicians and journalists,” he continues.

“This is a big threat to freedom of expression, and this censorship is primarily affecting Sweden because we are a big threat to their power and position,” Kasselstrand urges. “I would therefore urge everyone to continue to be active on social media.”

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