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YouTube Temporarily Bans Europeans from Viewing Cernovich Documentary on Sweden’s Migrant Rape Crisis

Cernovich shared the email from YouTube that informed him his documentary, Invasion! How Sweden Became the Rape Capital of the West, which was published in March, would be censored in Europe on Thursday.

By – Charlie Nash

 “My documentary on Sweden, which has no nudity or foul language, has been banned in the EU,” reported Cernovich on Twitter. “No explanation given… No legal right to appeal… No due process #NetNeutrality is a scam, social media companies do not support a free and open internet.”

The video had been previously restricted in the United States, with YouTube labeling it “hate speech,” and closing down the comments and the ability to like or share the video.

“We believe in the principles of free speech, even when that speech is unpopular or potentially offensive to some viewers. However, YouTube doesn’t allow hate speech or content that promotes or incites violence,” YouTube declared. “Your video will be shown after a warning message. In addition, certain features such as comments, sharing, thumbs up, and suggested videos have been disabled. Your video is also ineligible for monetization.”

In a comment to Breitbart Tech, Cernovich claimed, “YouTube has not given me any reason for the ban. They even said in their subject line that legal action has been taken. But I was not given due process of law.”

“YouTube will allow child exploration and pro-pedophile videos on their platform while age-restricting a documentary on current events,” he continued. “I appealed the age-restriction finding, but Google affirmed it.”

YouTube has frequently sanctioned and censored conservatives, libertarians, and classical liberals on the platform, affecting Dave RubinDiamond and SilkRon Paul, and PragerU, who announced in October that they are suing YouTube and its parent company Google over alleged censorship.

This month, YouTube also “quarantined” a video on Europe’s migrant crisis released by the Polish government.

After Breitbart Tech reached out to YouTube for comment, the company removed the ban, however, the video still features a warning and restrictions on commenting and sharing.

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