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Young woman attacked and Brutally raped at Malmo beach by immigrant

Young woman attacked and Brutally raped at Malmo beach by immigrant

A young woman was overpowered while riding her bicycle- and later subjected to a brutal rape attack in public during the night on Saturday. The woman was also reportedly beaten. She has been transported to a hospital for healthcare with an ambulance.

By – Brünnhilde

“She was found by a passerby who was shocked to find her in her condition,” said Kim Hild at the police’s management center.

The suspected offender, a foreign offender, is still yet to be apprehended and the police are appealing to the public for information.

The police and rescue teams were alerted at 02.39 on Saturday morning. A foreign offender allegedly overpowered the woman, who is in her 20s, in a grassy park area near a bicycle path near the Ribersborg Beach and the Western Harbor in Malmö.

“She was exposed to a brutal rape attack in public by a foreign offender,” said Kim Hild. “Nobody has been arrested at the moment and we are highly interested in the public’s tips or observations both before and after the event itself.”

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The following description was written by the police in the South Region on their website:

“Police and ambulances were alerted to Ribersborg after reports of a woman being raped and beaten by a foreign offender unknown to her. The woman was discovered and helped to safety by passer-by sand she was taken to hospital for immediate care. The suspected crime scene is being blocked for investigation where the police, among other things, are using special search dogs to secure possible traces.”

Information claims that woman was cycling on her bicycle when she was attacked – a fact that the police confirmed.

“She has been injured, this woman, even though I do not know any more details on the extent of the harm suffered,” explained Kim Hild. “But she seemed right awake and was able to talk, not faint or unconscious. But she went to hospital immediately for healthcare and treatment. At the moment, I can not tell you if it’s serious with her.”

Despite having an idea of the person being hunted, they do not want to pursue it yet.

“Not at this stage,” said Kim Hild. “Right now, we absolutely do not want to be locked in any way.”

The crime site was blocked off on Saturday while waiting for the police’s technicians to conduct a thorough technical investigation of the area.

The area where the suspected rape attack occurred was a very popular grassy park area in Malmö. The police have blocked off a large area, including a bicycle path connecting the beach, the exclusive residential area of ​​Västra Hamnen and several popular walking areas with Malmö’s central parts.

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