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Why should Sweden support a terrorist anti-Semitic Wallström?

Why should Sweden support a terrorist anti-Semitic Wallström?

It has hardly escaped anyone’s knowledge that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has continually spoken out of the beard, or perhaps rather out of the heart. In a revisionist-based “history lesson”, he recently laid the bfame orl the Holocaust and the industrial killing of six million Jews on the Jewish people themselves.

By – Brünnhilde

“The anti-Jewish amniosity that led to their mass murder was not due to their religion, but rather to their social function, which had to do with usury, banks and so on,”

said Abbas.

In retrospect, Abbas has “apologized”. But his excuse is as far from as heartfelt as his anti-Semitic statement.

“If people were insulted by my statement, especially Jews, I apologize.”

Nowhere in his explanation does he apologize for his statement. What he apologizes for, is if someone – in all likelihood sounds like that – would be taken to bed by slipping his tongue and expressing what he really thinks and has always liked to express.

Abba’s behavior is similar to giving someone a weapon and then apologizing for whether the person was injured. The excuse is, of course, to be interpreted as a repentance under the gallows.

The Palestinian President – who is now in his thirteenth year of leadership and currently serving a four-year term of office – is well aware that his foreign aid funds are at risk and that he must therefore repair the damage. But in reality, there is not a single mind that doubts his anti-Semitism.

The fact that Mahmoud Abbas is an anti-semite is not surprising news. In 1982, his doctoral dissertation pointed the blame of the Holocaust mass murder of the Jews on the Jewish people themselves. Over the years, he has not only praised the terrorists who kill Jews, he has also paid out generously large fees to both them and their families, encouraging the attacks and bloodshed in what many refer to as a “pay-and-slay” policy.

Last year, the Palestinian Authority increased payments to prisoners of detention and their families from $56 million to $403 million, or more than SEK 3.5 billion. According to a report from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs this season, the wages paid out to terrorists and their families correspond to half of the foreign aid budget.

Abbas has also named sports competitions and schools after terrorists. Palestinian teaching materials are full of anti-semitism. Antijudian statements – usually in Arabic – from Fatah’s various representatives are preached and spread everyday. This is no news. Whoever wanted to know and understand Abbas’s anti-Semitism need not walk in uncertainty.

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Nevertheless our government, with Foreign Minister Margot Wallström (S) at the lead, a minister who has faced numerous accusations of being an anti-semite herself, has expressed their explicit support for the Palestinian President. In 2013, at the Social-Democratic Congress, Stefan Löfven called Fatah as “dear sister party”. As soon as the red-green government had joined in 2014, they publicly recognized a Palestinian state.

At the same time, the government increased payments to the Palestinian administration by SEK 1.5 billion Swedish tax payments over a five-year period. The aid to the Palestinatian authority costs Swedish taxpayers SEK 800 million per year.

In an interpellation debate in 2014, Margot Wallström said that Mahmoud Abbas was “the leader of the moderate forces in Palestine,” which was immediately and rightly contradicted by the popular party leader Mathias Sundin. But Margot Wallström persisted and suggested that Sweden should support the group Abbas belongs to, despite the fact that “sometimes he uses a rhetoric that we do not like.”

And to make clear her the point for discussion, she stated, “They do not act perfectly, but they are the best we have. We must give them our support.”

Ahead of Mahmoud Abbas’ visit to Sweden in 2015, the world today would have seen Margot Wallström’s comment on a series of detention terrorist shelters on “the dear sister party” Fatah’s website. Her short response was that she “declined to comment on what happens on the websites of political parties in other countries”.

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Even though Abbas himself has paised and financially rewarded many terrorists who attacked Jews, the Foreign Minister continues to claim “that President Abbas has always been clear in his resentment of violence.” When questioned about Abbas’ “pay-to-slay” policy in which families of terrorists recieve so-called “salaries”, she appeared to sympathise with the policy by naively stating in an interview, “But are people supposed to starve to death or what? What are these families supposed to do if they don’t receive money?”

In summary: Foreign Minister Margot Wallström has consistently given anti-Semitic Mahmoud Abbas her financial and moral support during his time in the Arvsfurst palace.

And so, as thanks for all of her support, Margot Wallström traveled to Ramallah (to Israel, she is no longer welcome) in December 2016 to receive the Palestinian award “The Grand Star of the Order of Jerusalem” from Mahmoud Abbas’s own hand . The prize is awarded to “a soldier who has performed a prominent act” in accordance with Rule 110 of the Rules. It is difficult to lose sight of the Palestinian President’s joy over both the overwhelming economic and moral support he recieves from Margot Wallström.

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Following Abbas’ latest statement blaming the Jews for the Holocaust, Margot Wallström has abandoned and refused all questions in connection to it, including participation in debates. A short and unsatisfactory tweet, in which she states that Abbas’s speech contained “unacceptable opinions,” was her only response. And yes, there are unacceptable opinions. But given the love story between Margot Wallström and Mahmoud Abbas, she owes an explanation to the Swedish public much beyond twitter.

Wallström needs to learn significantly more than 280 characters (the maximum allowed on a tweet) to explain why she and the Swedish government have supported and continue to support, financially and economically with Swedish tax-payer dollars, a terrorist, anti-Semitic leader.
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