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What does the right Sharia law look like in practice?

Finnish media has been reporting on Sharia law in recent days and has attempted to prove that it could well agree and combine together with the Finnish law. Journalist Hesar had got his article to speak of a real Islamist.

By – Brünnhilde

In addition to the Hesar’s mahogany department, people who witnessed how the Sharia law was misunderstood and the perceptions of it are based on simplifications.

Interestingly, the Danish media is telling different stories about the Sharia law. For example, Jyllands-Post has, over the years, written several articles in which the Sharia law is discussed simply as it is. Not the way the asylum-seekers and other honeymooners want to see it. And definitely not in the way that the Imams want to serve it to the ignorant Westerners.

One of their 2016 articles describes an incident involving Indonesian female Sharia police patrols and a young woman who received a lawful punishment under Sharia rule. The woman was subjected to 30 whips as a consequence of her “adultery”. It is not possible to find out what adultery meant in her context but likely something more than rotten behind her spouse’s back.

Sharia law outside of the apostle’s punishment is punishable by stoning to death. But those 30 whispers come directly from the sharia law. It was not invented or simply made up in the whimsy. Whipping is part of the Sharia law and the number of whips has literally been cut into stone. People do not have to interpret things, they come straight from the words of the Qur’an itself.

During the incident, the woman stumbles from pain during the first attacks. After that, she loses consciousness. The Sharia police physically supports the limp woman until she regains consciousness and whipping begins again.

In the Indonesian Aceh Province, the sharia law is adapted to life as it is rightly implemented. The break-up of a marriage is stoning to death. The unmarried woman gets scratched by some 100 whips. Or, if you hang out in a public place with a person of the opposite sex, the female member will receive a brutal flogging.

The article describes how the Sharia police arrested a young couple in the park who were caught reportedly holding hands. The man was reprimanded, the girl was taken in for punishment. While the article says that there is no information about the fate of the girl, she was likely subjected to whipping on the back of the backbone. Below the picture, a girl (in a colorful scarf) is beaten by the Sharia police.

Also, the patrol of female sharia police officers will routinely arrest people who are caught gambling or drinking alcohol as well as policing women’s clothing on the streets. If your clothes are too tight, you will be whipped. Sometimes a patrol will search for the “guilty” who do not attend the mosque during Friday’s crucifixion, but they sit severely in the catharsis. Everything in itself should be closed during the Friday prayer, according to Sharia law. Many men do not obey this rule, but a female sharia police officer cannot do anything about this because according to Sharia law, the opposite sex are forbidden from touching each other and therefore men do not get caught.

In another incident, the patrol confronts a group of young girls sitting in a public cafe on Friday during the time of a prayer call. The Sharia patrol lectures the girls and tells them that it is forbidden for them to do what they are doing. Then the girls are ordered to go home.

In the Aceh Province, Sharia law was introduced in 1999. Initially it was applied only to Muslims, but from 2014 non-Muslims have also been subjected to life and rule under Sharia law. In 2016 for example, a 60-year-old Christian woman was whipped with 30 whipping attacks because of alcohol. She was the first non-Muslim to be whipped. After that, a few non-Muslims have been punished. It was a fact that Islamic organizations earlier asserted that the Sharia law would not apply to non-Muslims.

Now, however, it concerns the freedom of religion in Islamic fashion.

Indonesia has about 255 million inhabitants, of which 80% are Muslims. In addition, there are other great representatives of the religion of power in small minorities. Indonesia has emphasized the freedom of religion, but it is hard to see this in the Aceh province where Sharia law applies to all wrongdoers.

Reality paints a different picture of a real Sharia world than Hesar’s “Sharia can be combined with Western life” honeymoon fairytale.

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