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Welcome to SWEDENSTAN the new Islamic State of Sweden

Sweden is the ultimate example of the cultural, national suicide of Western civilization. Not only is Sweden allowing masses of Muslim migrants into their country. Swedish authorities are doing everything in their power to protect the rape culture of the Muslim offenders.

By – Abelow Avi

This, unfortunately, comes at the expense of protecting Swedish women. This is only one way Sweden is destroying its national identity via the onslaught of Muslim migrants.

Islamic Success

Islamic jihadis are probably the proudest of their success in Sweden. A key concept in Islam is called hijra. Hijra is the migration of Muslims around the world to spread the word of Allah, and Islam, around the globe.

Not only are Swedish authorities NOT stopping the spreading of Islam in their country, but…

They are doing everything in their power to allow it to grow and stop all ways to potentially stop its growth.

What about Feminism?

The baffling thing about this situation is that Sweden is “the only country to have a feminist government”. Yet this “feminist” government has enabled Sweden to become the rape capital of the European continent.

If you look at how the authorities are trying to stop the rape problem, you will want to scream. Instead of stopping the migrant rapists, the Swedish authorities actually arrest the people who complain about the Muslim identity of the rape offenders!

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Recently someone complained on Facebook about the rapes committed by Muslim migrants.  He was fined over $1,000 for committing the crime of expressing his opinion!

In another case, a Swedish police officer reported that foreign-born offenders are responsible for the gang rape problem.  The response?  The police officer was suspended.

This country has gone and is going absolutely crazy. Instead of prosecuting the rapists they are prosecuting people for telling the truth!

Political Correctness is Incorrect

Swedish authorities are afraid of the label – racist. They do everything in their power to keep real data under the covers.

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Why?  The authorities want to keep the public in the dark about rape offenders. Fear of the truth getting out. Ironically, the Swedish authorities are worse than “racist.”  They choose to enable the mass rape of women in Sweden, day after day, without any punishment.

An independent revealed the data that men of “foreign descent” are committing over 95% of the rapes.

This final scary report sums up the suicidal cultural situation of the Swedish population.

Recently an Afghan refugee raped the daughter of a Swedish woman.  Yet the mother did not report it to the police. Why? The mother was afraid to send the migrant rapist back to Afghanistan.

No words.  Sweden and Western Europe are in an extremely sad state.

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