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Watch: Ebba Åkerlund’s father – “She was my everything.”

Ebba Åkerlund, 11, has become the latest victim of terrorism. In Wednesday’s “Malou after ten” on TV4, Ebba’s father Stefan tells the world about his tragic sorrow. “To me, she was everything. She was wonderfully humble and loving. Today is Valentine’s Day, it was her favorite day. If she had lived today, I would’ve had another Valentine’s Day card,” he says.

By – Brünnhilde

On Tuesday, the trial against Rakhmat Akilov began after the Terror Council in Stockholm last April. Akilov killed five people and injured one hundred when he drove a stolen truck over 1,000 meters along Drottninggatan at high speed.

Ebba had contacted her father through SMS before the attack. The young girl and her classmates had just finished a race for the Cancer Fund, and the 11-year-old was proud of how far she ran, Stefan says.

He received the news of her death the day after the attack. Before that, both Stefan and Ebba’s mother had been searching for her daughter. They called Karolinska Hospital and asked if she was among the injured. “Now I’ve completely broken up. I’m single and this was my only child, so to me she was everything. I told everyone, ‘if she dies, I do not want to live myself’. It was extremely difficult to deal with this situation,” says Stefan in the program.

Stefan further explains that he is still currently suffering from deep depression. He sleeps 16-18 hours a day, goes to Ebba’s tomb and then returns home again.

Ebba played tennis and painted in her spare time. He describes his daughter as very creative and ambitious, and that she liked to draw. Stefan and Ebba’s mother lived apart for many years and Ebba alternated living between her parents.

“When one adult and one child live together, the bond becomes so tight. We spent a lot of time together. She was my everything,” says Stefan. Today, when Ebba is no longer alive, Stefan feels very lonely and continually experiences severe depression.

Ebba’s father also says that he meets regularly with two priests who help him through his grief.

With exception of greetings from Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the King, Stefan says that he has not received any help – not even an offer for therapy. In “Malou after ten” Stefan says that other European countries have a much better structure for how relatives of victims should get help – and that Sweden has a lot to learn in this regard.

Stefan is also critical of Rakhmat Akilov, who although has no legal right to stay in Sweden, still remains here despite his atrocious crimes. In addition, he is critical of the lack of security at Drottninggatan.

Stefan and his lawyer, former Justice Minister Thomas Bodström, are investigating the possibility of suing the state or the city of Stockholm. Some time ago, Stefan started “The Foundation Svenska Hjärtan – in memory of Ebba Stefansdotter Åkerlund”. In “Malou after ten” he says it was very important for him to do something good so that the memory of Ebba continues to live on.

The purpose of Ebba’s memorial fund is to create more positive role models throughout the country, by awarding scholarships to children.

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