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Wafa Issa Head of Migration Board operates private Refugees company

  • That Sweden is a “humanitarian superpower” is a myth that needs exposing once and for all. The recent migration wave to Sweden has made some people poor and others very, very rich. It is all about money, and it is about winners and losers.
  • If liberal journalists outside Sweden believe that rape is humanitarian, then Sweden has a humanitarian migration policy.
  • Meanwhile, thousands of “unaccompanied refugee children” are disappearing. and no one knows where they are.
  • There is nothing “noble” in Sweden’s migration policy — far from being a good example of how a migration policy should function, it is a disaster, and its final result is chaos, conflict, and corruption.

By – Brünnhilde

Wafa Issa, 50, is the unit manager at the Swedish Migration Board, Stockholm. At the same time, she operates a company whose business idea is to convey homes to unaccompanied refugees.

The company Starkfamn Familjehem AB supplies residences and family homes to municipalities. The business idea is part of an industry that has grown sharply since last autumn when the number of single refugee children who came to Sweden increased significantly.

Municipalities quickly got emergency problems finding accommodations. The solution became too many to hire companies that convey the accommodation, often at a significantly higher price than it normally costs.

One of Starkfamn AB’s two shareholders is Wafa Issa, 50. In addition to running the brokerage company, Wafa Issa is chief executive officer at one of the Migration Board’s housing units in Stockholm.

She therefore has a head job at the authority responsible for directing single-parent children to different municipalities – while running a company that transfers homes to single-parent children and is active in the same municipality.

Aftonbladet calls Starkfamn AB and pretends to be interested in starting a family home. Wafa Issa’s business company reports that the company only works with municipalities in Stockholm. Since its establishment in October, the company has conveyed 12 family homes and currently 30 families are waiting to be approved as home – a store that is likely to be a lot of money.

What employees of government agencies may work with on the side are strictly regulated in the Public Employment Act. If there are major points of contact between work and bisysslan and there is a risk that employees will benefit economically, it could be consider as a crime.

“It is difficult to judge questions about bisysslor. One must look at each case. But my spontaneous reaction is that this may not be very good, “says Olle Lundin, professor of administrative law at Uppsala University.

“The central question is whether one can take into account personal financial interests in the performance of his duties. It does not have to be that it has happened, it is enough that there is a risk.

Wafa Issa says that she, as head of unit, is responsible for the accommodations in Stockholm. On the question of whether she sees a contradiction in her two roles she answers:

– Yes, so I think like this. I’m new here and have not decided yet to be here or there. I do not see that contradiction yet, but on the day I see it, I will of course pull myself from one of them.

But you’re both partner in the company and unit manager today – do you see no contradiction?

“Now I’m very busy, I’m definitely responding to all your questions, I have nothing to hide.

Do you feel that in your current position you can gain financial gain when you run the company and convey family homes?

– I can explain exactly to you in detail and show all documents.

Children who come to Sweden without parents (“unaccompanied refugee children”) must, according to the Swedish law, be assigned a legal guardian. The guardian, instead of the parents, is responsible for the child’s personal relationships and managing daily affairs. In December 2015, it was reported that there are guardians responsible for up to 29 unaccompanied refugee children, and who earn more than $7,000 a month. It is not, of course, possible for one guardian to take care of 29 unaccompanied refugee children. The migration industry in Sweden has created opportunities for people with no conscience to become wealthy. Meanwhile, thousands of unaccompanied refugee children are disappearing and no one knows where they are.

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