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VÄXJÖ, which allows for Muslim prayer calls, forbidden church bells – claimed it was “disturbing”

VÄXJÖ, which allows for Muslim prayer calls, forbidden church bells – claimed it was “disturbing”

The fact that Muslim prayers in Växjö have recently been approved have caused a wave of discontent and uproar throughout the country.

By – Brünnhilde 

Now it turns out that the Catholic Church in Växjö was refused their request to ring church bells on the claims that it would be “disturbing” to the residential area adjecent the Church.

“We will apply again,” says Ingvar Fogelqvist, Church Secretary.

This week, Växjö’s Muslim Foundation received permission for prayer calls every Friday with speakers and the debate has reached high temperatures. Even in the church of St. Michael’s church in Växjö, discussion has arisen. They were refused when they applied for permission to ring their church bells during worship services 10-15 years ago.

“We do not have a church bell outdoors, but we did receive a no when we once applied years ago, ” explains Ingvar Fogelqvist, church chairman.

The reason why the congregation’s request was refused was due to the fact that, at the time, there was a villa area next door, according to the church leader.

However during the decision of the Muslim prayer call, the police did not ask the neighbors in the residential area next to the mosque, nor did they believe that it would interfere with residents, even though the speakers allowed for up to 110 decibels.

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When the church in the Catholic Church needs to time, they use a small clock indoors instead.

“It sounds good but not as effective as it could be.”

The advice they recieved when they applied was to have a bell of a smaller model.

“Not a huge church bell without a type of bell, where you can still mark the nearest surroundings, not least for those in the church, to indicate that the worship service begins.”

But now the church of Saint Michael will submit a new application for the right to ring church bells.

“At first we said it as a bit of joke, but then began discussing it seriously,” says Ingvar Fogelqvist.

Now that there is clearly the opportunity to advertise in this way that we are there, he adds. It would mean a lot for the church, according to the church hero.

“It is an old Christian tradition belonging to the church that there is church bell. I think most people in the area do not mind calling us a few minutes every Sunday.”

During these years, they have not been able to call outside.

“There has been a shortage of people in attendance. We would really like to have a bell,” he says.
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