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Växjö Municipality: We requires that they stay within sound levels.

Växjö Municipality: We don’t care of The content and message behind the Muslim prayer calls

The Environment and Health Protection Commission in Växjö Municipality has not only approved the prayer calls that the city’s Muslim population want to organize but state that they will not be taking the content of the prayer calls into account.

By – Brünnhilde

According to the committee, they are not concerned with the message behind the prayer calls that will be broadcasted from the mosque‘s speakers. The municipality only requires that they stay within sound levels.

It was in February that the Växjö Muslims Foundation submitted an application to hold prayer calls once a week from the mosque in the immigrant district of Araby, Växjö.

The police then requested an opinion from the municipality of Växjö.

On Wednesday, a proposal arrived from the municipality. While it does point out that the prayer call should not exceed the guideline values ​​for noise levels, the message itself is broken.

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The KD leader Ebba Busch Thor has criticized the prayer call and has said the purpose of prayer calls is to “proclaim the spiritual power of religion over a residential area”.

We have not taken into account the content and messages of the broadcast,” said Tobias Adersjö (MP), chairman of the Environment and Health Protection Committee in Växjö Municipality, to SVT.

The municipality proposes, among other things, that the mosque directs its speakers in such a way that they do not disturb the environment excessively, as there are several residential buildings and schools nearby.

But the question is so sensitive that the municipality does not dare to let a lone official be responsible for the opinion. Therefore, environmental and health protection issues will raise the matter on March 27, something that does not normally occur according to regular procedures.

According to Tobias Adersjö, named officials risk being exposed to threats and harassment by the overwhelming majority of people protesting against the prayer calls.

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