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Västerås's police intelligence: The city is taken over by Salafist Muslim

Västerås’s police intelligence: The city is taken over by Salafist Muslim

The “vulnerable” area of ​​Pettersberg in Västerås is one of many in Sweden, That transformed into an ethnic enclave for migrants and the center of Muslim radicalization in the traces of the immigrant immigration policy. 

By – Brünnhilde

The police in Västerås are concerned of the development and the crime that the radical groups are committed, to influence all residents to comply with Sharia laws.

Mosque center of salafic movement
The local mosque has also turned into a center of fundamentalist salafism and is regularly visited by prime imams, such as Fekri Hamad, who preaches a tough literal interpretation of Islam.

These and many other findings are in a comprehensive report on radical Islam in Sweden, conducted by the Defense College under the auspices of, among others, terrorist researcher Magnus Ranstorp and commissioned by MSB.

Police are concerned about radicalization
Local newspaper VLT has asked Daniel Lindström, working at the police intelligence office in Västerås with focus on extremism, to comment on the report. Lindström confirms that all the situation regarding Muslim radicalization, among others, Pettersberg is just as bad as the report describes.

He describes the mosque in Pettersberg as “a big storm cloud”. There, they radicalizing activities in a taking place in the evenings and nights aimed primarily at the area’s young men, the vast majority of whom have an immigrant asylum-related immigrant background.

The well known fertile Salafist Imam Fekri Hamad, who is active in the Friday prayers, portrayed in the report as “one of the hardest salafists in Sweden”.

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Ethnic cleansing of Christians and “unfaithful”
Lindström also describes a situation where radicals Muslim mobilize for ethnic cleansing of Pettersberg Christian Syrians. Among the immigrants in the area are some families. These are now being threatening to leave the city. The message is:

“here only Muslims are living, we will take over”.

The radical Muslim indoctrination targeting very young immigrant children in the area most often born in Sweden. Lindström tells you how the children are walking around and say things like “you are mad for being Christians” to women who did not submit to Islam.

Police critical to politicians and authorities
Lindström is critical of how Swedish politicians and authorities “handle with the radical views of opinion”. The Government contribution money in the notion that it promotes the multicultural society that has a vision of turning Sweden into. That money go often to very active and contradictory organizations, parishes and communities.

The politicians have been cowardly, says Lindström. They have not dared to put their foot down and stop the contributions to these movements in fear of being represented as Islamists or perceived to be the interests of xenophobic forces.

However,  The long-standing and persistent warning of the Swedish Democrats for this serious development with escalating Islamization as part of immigration issues has begun to penetrate public consciousness.

Money from abroad
It is not enough for the Swedish authorities to oppose the contributions to radical Muslim movements. That is because they also receive large sums of money from abroad, including Muslim dictatorships like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran.

The government and parliament, including directly from the Swedish Democrats, declared that they are not ready to do anything about the inflow of money. That despite the fact that a significant part of the money comes from even more radical forces in these countries, like purely militant groups, families and clans.

Tiodubling in a decade
According to the report, the violent Muslim environments in Sweden have declined tenfold in less than a decade. You are taking about the Muslim terrorist attacks in 2010 and 2017 and the frequent traffic of jihadists from Sweden to ISIS and similar terrorist groups.

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Lindström expresses to VLT a great dissatisfaction with the inadequate view he believes Säpo and other managers have on these elements and groupings.

At the same time, he believes that it is extremely difficult to gain insight because it is about closed groups and that contexts like the Friday prayer in mosques are used as a front to conceal the radical activities.

More difficult to keep track of Muslim extremism
For Lindström, it is much easier to keep an eye on the left and right extremes than Muslims. Lindström also believes that right-wing extremist groups such as the Nordic Resistance Movement, NMR, get unjustified attention in the media.

Islamism is significantly more widespread and represents a much greater threat, explains Lindström. Then it’s left extremism focus should be on, he sticks.

Over and under reporting
Lindström does not understand why there is such a mismatch between real problem and threat, and media interest, but other contexts have shown that the journalists do not want to make Islam and Muslim immigrants a problem as it can be perceived as Islamophobic and xenophobic and favor the Swedish Democrats instead of the immigration liberal policy that they sympathize with.

The over reporting of right-wing extremism finally means many have a cause in a media agenda that actually has general social conservative and nationalist movements as a target.

By frightening with a distorted community image of increasing right-wing extremism and neo-Nazism, one wants to scare the fear into the Swedish Democrats and the corresponding parties and movements in other countries.

“With beaks and claws” against the mosque building
Lindström says that the police in Västerås “with bumps and claws” work for no new mosque with a Salafist orientation not see the light of the day.  There are already several other mosques in Västerås with less radical orientation that the police had less problems with.

Other cities
In the report, besides Västerås, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Halmstad and Borås are mentioned as cities with extensive problems with Salafist and other radical Islamist groups linked to jihad and the  participate in the activities of Muslim terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq.

Source – samnytt.se, Mats Dagerlind

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