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Uppsala: Muslim Immigrants Get Job At Pre School Parents do not feel safe

Uppsala: Muslim Immigrants Get Job At PreSchool Parents do not feel safe

Parents arrived to pick their 6 year old children up from the first day of class when they noticed 4 newly arrived Muslim Men in the Farm area among the 6 year old.

By – Elodie Lewis

One of the Fathers is very upset and tries to find someone in charge to answer questions – who takes responsibility if something happens to the children?  What background checks have been done?

He is told the men are Afghans – their backgrounds can only be checked in as far as the Documents they arrived in Sweden with. In truth this means that it is not known if the Men have drug or other criminal convictions prior to their arrival in Sweden as most Afghans arrive without any form of identity documents.

His questions are rhetorical. In any case, in the case of backgrounds that can not be done more than a maximum of a few years, when in principle all the unaccompanied men have come without identity documents.

The men only existed there on Monday with the Björkling School preschool class, without any staff having informed the parents. Even the staff did not seem to know anything about the deployment.

The Afghan men started working at the  Bjorkling Pre School Class on Monday. None of the Parents had been informed of this – and most of the Staff did not seem to have been made aware of this deployment either.

Several Teachers and Parents , speaking on condition of anonymity in case it affected their jobs, commented that they were not happy with the unchecked Afghan men working with 6 year old children.

“Nobody seemed to know anything about why there are Afghan men among the six-year-olds. Why are they here and who are they”? One Father commented “They are playing football with my child and two of them were very familiar with my child  and did not want to look in me in the face afterwards”..

The father suspects that the new workers at the preschool have to do with the municipal councillor  Erik Pelling (S) launching 2,600 service jobs to bring more of these ‘new arrivals’ to work.

Previously, these jobs only concerned cleaning and gardening/park work . Now the idea is that they should also be given work in  schools, and the ‘ Caring Environment’.

The Parents say “I understand they have to go to work. But why should they be allowed to work here, among  six-year-old children”?

Crime :

There hase been a rise of  cases of sex crime, sex crime against children  including young boys and group sexual violence in Sweden. Figures show that unaccompanied Afghan ‘young’ Males are massively over represented in these crimes .

It has been shown in several surveys, including from Brå, the citizen survey of P Jonasson and Ann Heberlein in his book Rape and Culture.

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Iranian Swedes who know the Afghan groups in Sweden well,  say that some of them may themselves have been victims of sexual violence  when young – as there is a habit of using young  boys as” bacha bazi” – ‘dancing slaves ‘  in Afghanistan particularly when under the influence of freely available heroin. . It is well documented that Men who have been abused when younger – go on to abuse children when they become adults .


Many of the Afghans in Sweden  are also heroin addicts, as demonstrated in Uppsala, where police have faced an overwhelming situation with hundreds of known heroin addicts, who are also suspected of being part of the gang culture behind it . Some figures have shown that 1 in 10 of the Afghan Community is a Heroin addict.

As one of the Father’s states: “It’s a pity for those who are drug addicts and if they have been subjected to sex abuse, but why should we risk that they  work at a preschool?” Who takes responsibility if something happens”? he repeats.

Constant worry for the Parents:

Although some preschools have taken measures to prevent an unchecked Man  from being alone with a child – such security measures have not been taken at the preschool in Uppsala, according to the Father.

“Every day we have this constant worry about this situation”.I have tried to find someone in charge to talk to me about this all week. No one in charge has got back to me. Several Parents are as critical of the situation as I am “.

On Thursday, the Rector had a meeting with the staff at pre school and the Afghan Men  should have been one of the points, says the father, who knows no more than that.
The Father has talked to some of the staff privately who have told him “the situation  “is regrettable.”

Local Rector refuses to discuss the situation:

When news of the situation and concerns of the Parents reaches rector Kristina Söderlund, she flatly refuses to discuss  the nationality of the men and neither will she  discuss that this particular group are over represented in Sexual Crimes in Sweden.

She states: ” I am  not going to discuss  those questions. ”

“We have seven extra services spread across our  entire business, including the pre-school class, they do have a foreign background and we are pleased with our recruitment methods . Parents can feel calm and safe”.

Futher she states that drug tests are never done in municipal activities unless there are grounds for it, According to her, the Jobcenter has made “extracts”  available from the tax register.

However she does say she “regrets not getting the information about the new recruitment out to Parents earlier”.

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