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UN paints Sweden as a “racist” inferno where immigrants face “painful racism”

Sweden’s major problems are “hate crimes” and “racist violence” committed against immigrants, according to a new UN report. The report also criticizes Sweden for the fact that extreme racist organizations have not yet been banned, SvD reports. The UN demands that Sweden quickly take action against this racist “hatred”.

By – Brünnhilde

Many people find it difficult to take the new report seriously, which states that the conclusions are drawn from the UN Racial Discrimination Committee. However, according to SvD, which has gone through the report, it is quite serious.

The document is based on a report this spring from the Swedish UN Federation, a tax-funded left-wing organization that is not part of the UN system. According to SVT, the report has been “reviewed by the UN racial discrimination committee”.

Sweden is facing extremely hard criticism for the “continuous crime reports of racism and discrimination” that the UN claims immigrants are exposed to in this country.

According to SvD‘s article on the report, Sweden is painted as a country filled with “racist hatred” against Afro-Swedes, Jews, Muslims and Romanians. According to the report, for example, “immigrants” in Sweden are exposed to “racist hate crimes and racist hate speech,” SvD writes.

On a particularly serious note, the UN discuss the effect of this racism against Muslims and mosques, including arson attacks. So-called afro-Swedish Muslim women are particularly vulnerable to Swedish hatred, according to the UN.

The UN demands that Sweden “immediately” take action to protect the Muslim population against “violence, hate crime and hatred against minorities” and ensure that Muslim property is not subjected to crime.

Similarly, the UN report author writes about Africans in Sweden. They are exposed to both so-called hate crime and “racist portraiture” in the media and online.

Even Muslims are depicted in a “stereotypical” way, the report claims. The UN therefore calls on Sweden to prosecute journalists who write negatively about “immigrants”. Whether this applies specifically to alternative media is still unclear but the report mentions “hate crime” being spread online.

The UN also believes that immigrants are discriminated against in terms of getting jobs and housing, despite the reality being otherwise. Even this Sweden must deal with, so that segregation does not continue in the eyes of the UN.

Likewise, Sweden is criticized for the fact that so few Romanians work. According to the UN, it is about discrimination. The fact that Romanian camps are not in good condition is also not acceptable.

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Furthermore, the report expresses concern about the existence of “racist organizations” in the country as well as their public meetings and protests.

Sweden also has too few prosecutions and convictions against people who commit “hateful people” and other so-called hate crimes in comparison to how many cases reported are reported to UN.

“Sweden must also investigate and try to punish politicians and journalists who commit themselves to the public. In particular, increased tolerance and respect for diversity should be advocated among journalists,” the UN report said.

The authors also say that they are very concerned about all murders against mosques and asylum receptions, which are believed to be in Sweden.

The UN also claims that the Swedish police often engage in “racial profiling” of immigrants, something that is totally unacceptable. Furthermore, it is concluded that Sweden’s terrorist laws have been disproportionately designed against Muslims, while “neo-nazi” crimes are not being investigated as terror attacks.

The actions that the UN proposes Sweden to take is, among other things, more prosecutions and to provide police officers with more education about “hate crimes”.

The UN demands that Sweden begin to implement changes already within the next year. Most importantly, action is to be taken against so-called racist organizations. Whether this means a ban remains to be seen. However, UN chairman Aleksander Gabelic says to SvD that Sweden violates the UN Convention against Racial Discrimination when they allow such groups to exist and function within their country.

According to SvD, the UN report has been approved by the Swedish government.
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