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Tino Sanandaji : Sweden's government "Looks like Godfather"

Tino Sanandaji: Sweden’s government “Looks like The Mafia Godfather”

Economist Tino Sanandaji is not gracious in his criticism of the government following Youtubes censorship of the contemporary viral documentary of the Social Democrats’ history. He compares Justice Minister Morgan Johansson with the Oscar-awarded Mafia movie Godfather.

By –  Brünnhilde

That Youtube erased the Swedish Democrats documentary about the Social Democrats is not for  excuse Youtube as a private company.

write economist Tino Sanandaji. This is because the government, earlier this year exerted political pressure on Youtube.

In connection with and because of the Bonnier Group’s campaign against freedom of expression online earlier this year, when Expressen and DN succeeded in closing down Review Sweden’s Youtubekanal, thegovernment demanded that Google, who owns Youtube, be faced with “self-recovery” against so-called hate content on the internet . Otherwise, there would be tougher laws.

The government also called for a meeting with Google and Facebook.

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“At first, I want to see a dialogue and self-rehabilitation. That’s how we must solved it for the traditional media, but if it’s not, I’m not strange to go ahead with legislation, either at national or EU level, Morgan Johansson told TT in March.

Tino Sanandaji now compares Johansson’s statements with the mafia movie Godfather. According to Sanandaji, the contemporary documentary film is “explosive” because they have “dug out many quotes getting to know”. The movie is viral even so it was erased for Sweden viwers, he points out.

“It is not possible to defend this because Youtube is a private company and that only state intervention is censorship. The state has committed itself by calling YouTube for a meetingwhile threatening to take down material. Morgan Johansson sounded like a scene from Godfather, “writes the popular economist on Facebook today.

Sanandaji also points out that the Social Democrats own election film on Youtube has about 6,000 views, while the SD film about the Social Democrats got close to 200,000 in a few hours.

“The government wants to bring down not only what is contrary to the law but to Youtubes own rules, where Youtube arbitrarily determines what is in line with their community rules.

We see a concrete example of what Youtube closed down: A movie of historical archives quoted Social Democrats do not be proud and do not want the voters to see, “he concludes his post.

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