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Three-Month Imprisonment For Christina -"Criminal Offense Against Muslim"

Three-Month Imprisonment For Christina -“Criminal Offense Against Muslim”

Christina, 65, was sentenced to three months in prison on behalf of the public. After expressing “criminal offense against people with Muslim beliefs”, according to the law. “I’m terrified,” says a broken Christina.

By – Brünnhilde

Christina was released in the district court, but the prosecutor appealed the verdict. Today, the verdict of the Göta Court of Appeal was sentenced to three months in prison and to pay 6,300 SEK of the cost of the defender. Christina is sentenced for expressing her thought on Facebook on eight occasions in 2016 and 2017.

“I’m so scared, I can not do anything. Should I be in prison with criminals? I have rheumatoid arthritis, deep depression and I will lose my home that I love, she says crying.

She also says that she is afraid of Islam for the sake of her children and grandchildren.


By the witness reviewer  Tomas Åberg‘s  testimony, the judgment shows that he calls Christina for an “influence” on the internet. He says that he received early comments from Christina’s Facebook profile as she was very active and made a lot of posts every day.

Christina states that several people had access to her account and there was no evidence that she would have written the posts.

The Court of Appeal considers in the judgment that it is proved that it is Christina who has published all posts covered by the prosecution. As the opinions correspond to what she said in her posts, that it would be remarkable if they were written by someone else, as well as the way of writing is similar.

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Misrepresenting Muslims

As to whether the statements are against the public, the Court of Appeal writes:

“Each of the prosecuted statements expresses, not least when incorporated into their context, are criminal offenses against people with Muslim beliefs.”

The prosecution includes eight different posts of Christina during nine month, in a public Facebook group with around 25,000 members. The court also weighs out that the posts where spread widely since many have shared and liked the posts.


“In its entirety, the comments indicate that people of Muslim beliefs who have dark skin are unharmed and should be extinct in Sweden”, the court of appeal writes in the judgment and continues:

“In all cases, the content is in a violent manner. That express such a contradiction to people with Muslim beliefs that the rule of ethnic group intends to meet. ”

The legal text

In the judgment is also defined the legal text that the court of appeal is contradicting:

“For the crime against a group of people, according to the 16th chapter of Chapter 8, the crime bar requires that threats or misconduct be expressed in a statement or other disseminated message, and that the threat or disregard refers to a public or other group of people with race, skin color, nationality or ethnic origin, creed or sexual orientation. ”

“Even statements that include violent allegations of inferiority or degrading actions that are only indirectly based on race, skin color, etc. fall under the provision. An indirect reference to the nickname or other offensive name of the breed or immigrant is generally included. ”

The Court of First Instance agreed.

Source: Anna Ernius, samtiden.nu

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