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Thousands of dollars were transferred from Gothenburg to Michael Skråmo, IS terrorist

Thousands of kronor were sent last fall from Gothenburg to a suspicious IS financier in Kenya. That reveal by Doku who has received the receipt of the transaction. According to an assignment, the transfer from Gothenburg was ultimately intended for the Swedish IS member Michael Skråmo.

By – Magnus Sandelin

At the beginning of July, the Kenyan Anti terrorist Police revealed a network of suspected that took part in extensive financing activities for the Islamic State terrorist group. One of the chief executives, Waleed Ahmed Zein, has, according to a press release from the US Treasury Department, established an intricate worldwide financial network to facilitate funds transfers for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Between 2017 and early 2018 he transferred over $ 150,000 to IS warriors in Syria, Libya and Central Africa. The money came from all over the world, especially through so-called hawal banks.

Hawala is an informal banking system with centuries-old ancestors that are often used to send money to countries where formal banking systems do not work, such as Somalia. The system is based on trust, and that the debts are regulated retrospectively. Often there are no proper verifications, and the system has been used several times in money laundering and terrorist financing.

The receipt shows a transfer from a person in Gothenburg to a designated IS financier

On September 7, the US Department of Finance brought Waleed Ahmed Zein on his list of people with links to terrorism, and freeze of his assets that the US has control over. According to a statement from the ministry, they classify him as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist”, a particularly dangerous terrorist. According to the ministry, the decision has been taken as part of the effort to attack people and networks working for IS, thus preventing them from accessing the resources they need to carry out attacks. However, in court talks in Kenya, Waleed Ahmed Zein has denied all allegations.

Waleed Ahmed Zein was arrested in Kenya last summer for funding for the Islamic state

Doku has taken note of unique documentation that shows that $ 895, equivalent to approximately $ 8,700, was sent to the appointed IS coordinator Waleed Ahmed Zein from a hawalabank in Gothenburg on November 20 last year. It was just over nine months before Zein was terrorist in the United States. The bank office is part of the Dahabshiil corporate chain with offices in more than 120 countries, and is in the same staircase as the radical organization of Sweden’s United Muslims has its local.

The receipt of the transfer that Doku has a picture of is included in an investigation conducted by another state in connection with the Kenyan terrorist target. According to unconfirmed information, the final recipient of the money on the receipt was the rewritten Swedish IS member Michael Skråmo, who traveled to Syria and the Islamic state with his family in 2014.

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The receipt shows that the recipient of the money is Waleed Ahmed Zein, now seized, and that he will collect the money in the Kenyan city of Mombasa. Also the sender’s name is provided, and a phone number. This leads to a 24-year-old man living in Angered, Gothenburg. The man is in the circle of Sweden’s United Muslims, SFM. On Facebook he is a friend of Michael Skråmo, and he likes several radical Islamist ministers and SFM. The 24-year-old has also signed up for an event at SFM in Facebook.

When Doku dials the 24-year-old, he says he does not know who the person is who he sent the money to.

-No. I really do not know, because there was someone who needed help sending the money, I have no idea who that person is.

So you did it on behalf of someone, someone who asked you?

-Yes, I wanted to help, but I have no idea who it is.

Who was who wanted help with this then?

-You do not need to know.

There is evidence that these money were ultimately intended for Michael Skråmo. Do you know anything about it?

-No no idea actually. Who is it?

Do not you know who Michael Skråmo is?

-Do you know who it is? Who is it, explain!

He is from Gothenburg but has gone to IS.

-Okay, but what do I have with him to do?

There is a statement that this money was going to Michael Skråmo.

-I have no idea, this was a long time ago, I do not really remember, I only helped someone.

Have you helped this person to send money more times?

-I do not really remember who it was, once I have sent to someone in Somalia, a friend who had traveled there. So I’ve sent to several but most often I’ve done it to help others. I myself have no idea.

But when you sent the money to Waleed Ahmed Zein in November last year, what did you know about where the money was going?

“It was a while late, so they did not say much,” can you help me send something to someone “and so on. There was not much more information than that, and I thought to help brothers in Islam, says the 24-year-old.

Mohamed Said is head of the hawal office who handed over the money to Waleed Ahmed Zein. He also says he does not recognize the name when Doku asks, nor has the person since the transfer been put on a terrorist list. According to Said, the only time someone sent money to that person from his office.

Do you have any control over where the money sent by people goes?

-Yes, but this sum sent to this person is not that big and it’s only been done once. But if you send a large sum or more times, I can ask questions about who will have the money, “said Mohamed Said.

Doku has without a doubt sought Michael Skråmo for a comment.


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