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The White Widow ‘is recruiting suicide bombers to attack Spanish beaches this summer

  • Samantha Lewthwaite, 34, is the world’s most wanted female terrorist
  • Mother-of-four dubbed ‘White Widow’ due to husband suicide bomber
  • Intelligence shows she recruited dozens of women for terrorist missions
  • Targets are UK, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Canary Islands, Spainish Costas

By – Phoebe Southworth

The world’s most wanted female terrorist is recruiting suicide bombers to target holidaymakers this summer. Samantha Lewthwaite, 34, was dubbed ‘The White Widow’ after her extremist husband killed himself and 26 others in the 2005 London suicide bombings.

Now the mother-of-four, who grew up in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, is trying to gather a team of fanatics to attack popular resorts across the globe.

Intelligence obtained by UK agents shows she has already recruited dozens of women for terrorist missions, including white Islam converts like her.

It is feared Lewthwaite has taught up to 30 terrorists how to make suicide vests and choose locations to detonate them, the Daily Star Sunday report.

Samantha lewthwaite

Potential targets include the UK, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, the Spanish Costas and the Canary Islands, according to encrypted emails, phone calls and foreign intelligence.

In 2015, 38 people were massacred by an ISIS gang in a mass shooting at the once popular resort of Port El Kantaoui in Tunisia. Lewthwaite is thought to be behind scores of suicide attacks across Africa and the Middle East.

She converted to Islam as a teenager and went on to marry Jamaica-born extremist Germaine Lindsay.

Her ‘The White Widow’ nickname came after Lindsay blew himself up on July 7, 2005 during a series of bombings across London which killed 52 people.

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