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The Swedish government wants to increase immigration – proposes direct entry permits for asylum seekers

Sweden and the EU should hand out entry permits so that foreign immigrants can legally go to Europe and then seek asylum in place. That’s the government’s investigator, environmentalist Maria Ferm, writes in a new proposal. The MP-led investigation wants immigration to continue and that more asylum seekers can get to Europe more safely.

By – Brünnhilde

Now the government wants to create “legal ways” so that foreign immigrants can get to Europe easier and without risking life in the Mediterranean.

Maria Ferm (MP), who today presented his report “Legal Procedures for seeking asylum in the EU” to the government, wants Sweden to press for the EU to start issuing visas or any other type of entry permit for persons seeking asylum here.

“It would work to get a shorter permit, in a safe, legal and secure way, to the EU to submit its application for asylum. Today there are no safe and legal ways for persons seeking asylum to join the EU, “says Maria Ferm to Ekot.

Asylum seekers from, for example, Africa who want to come to Sweden should be able to apply electronically for an entry permit to the EU. Immigrants who are likely to receive asylum will be given priority.

After a security check, they then get a shorter permit to stay in Sweden while undergoing the asylum process.

According to Maria Ferm, it is important to “open up” a new way for people who want to apply for asylum in different EU countries.

She proposes that Sweden receive a quota of at least 500 immigrants in this way at a cost of 200 million kronor – each year.

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“The asylum application filed after the person arrived in Sweden must be handled in accordance with the current rules for the asylum process here, including the right to public assistance and the right to appeal”, the investigation states that the costs of the Migration Board and the judiciary will increase with the new rules.

On the other hand, the government’s report does not indicate that persons can seek asylum directly at the Swedish Embassy in their home countries. This could cause chaos at the embassy. That idea, however, is something that the Environmental Party itself advocates.

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