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The Swedish Government Invests Millions On learning immigrants to have sex

The government is now pushing SEK 5 million to the Ministry of Youth and Civil Affairs (MUCF). The money will include the further development of, the government’s sex information site in Dari, Arabic and Somali.

By – Brünnhilde

It was in April 2017 that MUCF launched, funded by the government.

It is a digital platform with information on “health, sexuality and gender equality” aimed at immigrants. The website is in several languages: dari (spoken in Afghanistan), Tigrinian (spoken in northern Ethiopia and Eritrea), Arabic, Somali and easy Swedish and English.

The purpose is simply to inform immigrants about what is in Sweden.

“To do something sexually with someone who does not want it is a sexual abuse”, it says on the site.

Further information about what a sexual intercourse is:

“Together, it is called when a penis enters the vagina. You need protection against pregnancy if you do not want the intercourse to lead to a pregnancy. You may also need protection against sexually transmitted diseases.”

On the website, sex information is illustrated, among other things, with several pictures of foreign men and blond Swedish women.

Under the tab “Being in love”, exemplified by a picture of a young blond woman who kisses a dark-tempered man, one can read, among other things, that “Being a dear is usually a lovely feeling. Some people have been dear many times, others have never been dear. ”

Now, MUCF is commissioned to further develop the work of these information efforts in collaboration with the online youth reception network (UMO).

“The mission includes expanding the information on, expanding skills-enhancing efforts for professionals who meet young new arrivals, as well as providing long-term skills supply for professionals through the development of web-based education,” the government writes.

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The development of will primarily be done in the areas of prostitution and human trafficking, honor-related violence and oppression, including genital mutilation, sexual violence and sexual harassment.

– Many adults who meet young immigrants in their vocational role lack education in health, sexuality and gender issues. With these efforts we can create long-term skills supply and make it easier for professionals to talk about these important issues with young people, “says Minister for Children and Equal Opportunities, Lena Hallengren (S).

The money will also be used for continued dissemination of information to increase awareness of the digital platform of so-called young new arrivals as well as professionals who meet these people.

For the execution of the mission, MUCF will use 5,000,000 kronor in 2018. The assignment shall be reported to the government by 31 March 2021.

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