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A child who came alone

The Sweden’s Afghan bluff, and how bluff is called out.

Now that the Afghan law has been investigated at the highest courts and it’s in full force, is time to check who these 9000 ”alone came youths” actually are and now given a second chance in Sweden.
What are the statistics saying about these young people?

By – Juhani Berg

Expressen checked the facts already in the spring and the stats look like this.

* 99,4 % of them are men.
* 49 % of them have told, that they’ve been living in Iran at least one year before coming to Sweden. Approximately they’ve been living in Iran for ten years.
* 2 % of them say that they’ve been tried to recruit to fight the war in Syria by Iranian officials.
* 78 % of their age testing by migration officials have showed that they are older as they selves claim.
* 0 % (zero) had some kind of id-document or birth certificate to show.

How these numbers and statistics should be seen

*** If these group of peoples and refugees are basically all men, who are the people haunting and persecuting them in their home land?
Women, children and elderly, who are not to be seen in any of these refugees?

*** Half of them say that they’ve been living in Iran, on the other hand Migration officials stats show that 95% have lived in Iran before coming to Sweden. From where this difference comes then?

It comes from the fact that when the Afghans realized that it’s not wise to tell that they are from Iran, they made up the story about haunting Taliban.
In matter of fact, except few cases they’ve all come from Iran and never have lived in Afghanistan.

*** If you discuss with refugee activists they base their case to this scenario of Iranian officials force recruiting Afghans to fight the war in Syria. But what do you know?
Only 2% of Afghans have actually said about force recruiting to fight the Syrian war.
So in fact there is no systematic mass recruiting going on. And what tells Charlie Yaxley, UNHCR’s Europes and Asias spokesman:

– There is no proof of Iran force recruiting Afghans to fight the war in Syria.
Neither LITOS’s land report indicates such thing occurring.

Asylum-seeker activists also claim that Afghans are treated as second class citizens and are persecuted in Iran. About persecuting and ill treatment Yaxley says:

– Iran has had tens of years tolerant attitude towards to asylum right.
Most of the Afghans live in big cities with Iranians, side by side, in harmony.

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Yaxley continues:

– Every Afghan has basic rights for example to health care whether they’ve been registered as asylum seekers or not.

Iran even improved in 2015 the access to medical care for refugees, and everyone can register for a national hospital system, including paperless. Also, Iran seeks to ensure that all Afghan children have access to school.

***Biggest part, 90% has acted as a minor children, when entering Sweden.
From these minors, 78% have lied their true age.

According Expressen the prosentage is give or take the same as the figures given by the Medical Council, according to which 83% of children appear to be lying to their age.

Can this age hoax be explained with some Persias own calendar? Could it be possible, that Afghan calendar has more months in a year, let’s say 16 instead 12 months?
This could be explanation to the age difference.

Thus, every single justification for the asylum seekers has been broken.There is no such thing as an asylum for them. The situation is, in principle, strange. When the Afghani comes to Europe and if he has no papers or a Schengen visa entitling him to entry, then it should not be allowed to enter the Schengen area at all. However, if a person can sneak into the EU, then a person should be arrested for illegal border crossing. According to the law the foreigner must be able to prove his identity and nationality.

If the cops are questioning the Chinese tourists documents and they don’t show them, then the police will arrest the Chinese. But with the Afghans the situation is different.

There is one thing that the forced deportations did not take into account.
In fact, Iran is not such a shit hole country as it is led to believe. Why not just put Afghans on an Iranian plane? Of course, this plan has to have Iran’s approval, but it could be an experiment worth trying.

This way, asylum-seekers activists do not have to worry about their mascots travelling to Kabul in the middle of bombs.


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