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The number of police in Sweden is falling

Sweden has not received more police, but fewer – contrary to what the government claims. In the Region South, a high police force for “cannibalism” warns when Stockholm recruits from Skåne. And the union is causing alarms about mass raids. 

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“We are bleeding policemen. The situation is acute,” says Sophia Willander, chairman of the Swedish Police Federation.

Previously, former Interior Minister Anders Ygeman (S) has claimed that there are more police officers in Sweden than 20 years.

But the government is tripping with the numbers.

According to the police’s own statistics, as South Sweden has now taken part, today there are fewer police officers in service than about seven years ago.

By the end of 2010, Sweden had 20,292 police officers while in July this year there were a total of 19,751.

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The reason for the number of cops falling is partly because the places in police schools are not being filled and that many police are jumping off the profession.

In the Region South, a high police chief said that the situation could be resembled “cannibalism” when Stockholm began recruiting police from Skåne.

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At the same time, the union warns that it will soon be a mass raid of police in the country.

– The situation is acute! It has never been so bad, “said Sophia Willander, chairman of the Swedish Federation of Police, to Sydsvenskan.

According to Sophia Willander, the problem can only be solved with higher salaries and better working conditions. The salary of a new police assistant is currently around 25,000 SEK per month.

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