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The Muslim BROTHERHOOD creates a parallel society in SWEDEN

The Muslim BROTHERHOOD creates a parallel society in SWEDEN

The fact that Sweden provides resources – and legitimacy – to organizations associated with Muslim Brotherhood are contrary to the stated integration goals of Swedish politicians.

By – Johan Westerholm

Aje Carlbom believes that Swedish organizations who are linked to the organization Muslim Brotherhood in fact counteract the successful integration of Muslims in Swedish society. This is evident from a report made on behalf of the Swedish Civil Protection and Preparedness Agency, which took note of and was presented on Thursday.

The research report has been commissioned by the Swedish Social Protection and Preparedness Agency (MSB), whose aim is to raise awareness of the methods that may be behind the Muslim Brotherhood’s informational impact on both secular and Muslim target groups in Sweden. MSB has allocated 10 MSEK in the coming years for research on extreme environments such as the Islamic ideology alive and well in Sweden.

Aje Carlbom concludes that MB-Associated Organizations believe that Muslims should be protected from the majority of the community by living and functioning in a parallel society with, among other things, their own schools and their own laws in accordance with a Muslim civil society. Once isolated from Western society, he believes that they spread messages that they and other Muslims are victims of a hostile Western world, which in the long term will most likely lead to radicalization.

“What I mean is that these groups operate together to strengthen the segregation problem,” explains social anthropologist Aje Carlbom to Expressen’s Ledarsnack .

“My assessment is that it is very problematic. MB-associated organizations are not violent actors on their own. But they have a strong political stance that can romantize and draw people into extreme Islamic ideology and polarize society. Therefore, I do not think it is appropriate to engage those particular groups in that type of work.”

Aje Carlbom believes that it is relatively easy for organizations to influence the Swedish public because there is an unspoken fear of being stamped as racist or Islamophobic. This parallel approach is confirmed by Maria Rashidi, women’s rights activist, chairman of Women’s Rights, as reported by Aftonbladet

When pastor Åke Green was accused of hateful speech against homosexuals, he was brought to trial. He was Swedish. But if you hide behind the “multicultural” façade, it is easily hidden behind the disguise of religion.

This development in Sweden explains Social Democrats for Faith and Solidarity’s contractual statement of 1999, which was featured in its entirety in the debate article published by Ulf Bjereld’s representative of chairman Peter Weiderud in SVT Opinion on January 4, 2011.

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Weiderud suggested that, among other things, Muslim Social Democrats would be allowed to accommodate hatred against homosexuals as well as other opinions and values ​​as they did not come as far as their democratic evolution as their fellow ethnic Swedish Social Democratic members.

The forgiving attitude is based on the contractual declaration between the Brotherhoods (Today’s Faith and Solidarity) and Sweden’s Muslim Council in 1999.

The agreement shows how Faith and Solidarity undertook to push these issues, among many others, through to the SMR:

– “Legislation, or agreement, regarding Muslim holidays.”

– “Imam education, with the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education and the Ministry of Education.”

– “Agreements on workplaces regarding Friday prayers.”

The fact that any form of exclusion or encapsulation-based policies are pursued by the sphere surrounding the Ibn Rushd study association becomes extraordinary on the part of the Muslim Families, who have repeatedly invited lecturers who do nothing but encourage the association between the Muslim Brotherhood and hate speech and partly a repressive women’s view. The group that wishes to make a difference on women’s and men’s rights, Sweden’s Young Muslims or SUM, is also one of the organizations behind the Muslim Brotherhood.

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SUM Chairman Rashid Musa, together with SSU Stockholm City, organized a separatist seminar only ratified in 2016 . The seminar was changed only after it was severely criticized by the SSU Federal Chairman. SUM acknowledges themselves in the judgment handed down in administrative law when they received the right to apply for state contributions that they belonged to the Muslim Youth Union European Youth Organization Forum for European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations, FEMYSO.

FEMYSO has, among other things, been represented by former parliamentary member Abderizak Waberi, now renowned for running Muslim schools in Sweden. Another former board member of FEMYSO is Omar Mustafa, today known as a Federal Rector of Ibn Rushd.

Whether Ibn Rushd or SUM have stated that they are or aren’t part of the Muslim Brotherhood is irrelevant when seeing their participation in other organisations. Additionally a number of representatives such as Omar Mustafa and Abderizak Waberi hold or previously held leading positions in the Muslim Brotherhood’s organizations throughout Europe.

Even Mohammed Temsamani, a member of the Environmental Party, is an example of this when he was part of Muhammad Mursi, former president of Egypt, and a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party’s campaign , Peace and Justice, in the presidential election.

Although Aje Carlbom’s report is not as clear and explicit as Magnus Norell’s equivalent, it is crucial in understanding the Muslim agenda behind the Muslim Brotherhood and its massive growing influence on Swedish society, an opportunity they gained through their strategic cooperation with Social Democrats for Faith and Solidarity in 1999.

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