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Why Did The Terrorist Akilove RECEIVE 85,000 From The Ozz Nujens Family ?

Swedenstan: Why Did The Terrorist Akilove RECEIVE 85,000 From The Ozz Nujens Family ?

The fact that Sweden’s migration policy is gravely dysfunctional is a fact. Politicians and prosecutors work carelessly with human life and expose the nation’s citizens to hazardous risks against their lives.

By – Katerina Janouch

Such an example is the case of the terrorist Rahmat Akilov. Had the Swedish migration policy operated as it should, the terrorist attack on Drottninggatan probably would not have happened and innocent people would not have had to die.

What is worrying is that in the case of Akilov there are a number of unanswered questions that arise when reading the preamble protocol. Among other things, why the well-known comedian Özz Nujen’s sister, immigration lawyer, and Ozz Nujens father, sent a total of 85,000 to the terrorist in the fall of 2015.

Sweden charges Muslim Uzbek man with terrorism in deadly truck attack

I have previously interviewed a border police who explains how easy it is to get a so-called ghost identity – or more – in Sweden. It is easy to get a so-called coordination number. Whoever wants to deceive the system simply registers at the same address and can launch and fool the state as well as claiming benefits and contributions from the Swedish Government, the place where your honorable Swedes’ tax money goes.

The Swedish Tax Agency’s controls are non-existent, the Swedish Transport Agency and the The Swedish Migration Agency act legitimate and are remarkably naive. Therefore, thousands of people continue to stay illegally in Sweden. Who they are and where they are, nobody knows. If they become injured after years, the magic word protects them from all sanctions. One of these individuals is Rahmat Akilov, who initially sought asylum under another name.

When reading the preamble protocol on Rahmat Akilov and the Terror attack on Drottninggatan on April 7, 2017, several strange details appear. In fact, it is a marvelous demonstration of how it is for people living in Sweden on illegal grounds, who exploit and fool the Swedish asylum system.

Akilov’s asylum application in Sweden was preceded by a real little European tour. Thanks to a Polish EU visa he traveled from Uzbekistan to the Czech Republic, then to Germany and Denmark. He stayed for about a week in each country. From Denmark, he went to Sweden, but it would take two months before he contacted the Swedish Migration Agency. After three months in Sweden, he traveled to Turkey, where he stayed for four months. From Turkey he flew to Warsaw and after a week he went to Nynäshamn. As this trip went on, the story does not reveal anything, and no answers are given in the preliminary investigation.

Is this how we imagine an asylum seeker “in need”? Hardly, as I experience. Hardly any country other than Sweden would act so relaxed in terms of its borders, which resembles broken gates and strikes and allows for all sorts of suspicious existences. The land is full of them, thousands without a residence permit, thousands from underground. Swedish migration policy is most similar to a circus, with a total lack of contact with reality and a continuing lack of control as to who lands in, how their lives look, what they are wearing. Thus, an asylum seeker can travel how it suits him, and still claim his rights and contributions from the Swedish Migration Agency.

But the trips are not the worst in the case of Akilov, even though they are engaging enough. Worse is Akilov’s financial situation, which I will immediately highlight. There is nothing but total deception here. In 2014-2017, he receives a total of 153,000 in transfers from different people. Of this money, 75,000 is from the well-known comedian Özz Nujens, lawyer Debbie Nujen, her partner / cohabitant Richard Damm and 10,000 are from Özz Nujens father, Mamoste Nujen.

If my family transferred 85,000 to a person who later turned out to be a suspected terrorist who cold-blooded killed six people and injured a large number of others, I would have stepped up and taken responsibility. But here there is a silence greater than water droplets in a house. Which of course makes one wonder. Has the police interrogated Debbie and Mamoste Nujen, as well as Richard Damm, and asked why these transfers were made?

Autumn 2015, Akilov is on Gotland, as evidenced by his statement. At the same time, Özz Nujen buys a farm. This has obviously been rewritten in the press.

From the article:

“The comic and actor Özz Nûjen bought a few years ago Gazeliegården and the old school in Tingstäde together with his older sister. For a long time, he has renovated the farm in order to develop a business in the property. The idea is that in the future it will become a play theater there.

“My hope is that there will be a theater called Tingstäde Theater. Me and my older sister have together refurbished it for a long time,” says Özz Nûjen.

He says that there is still ongoing renovation remaining before it becomes ready-made scene in place.

“What I need now is good sound and light. Then it’s mostly renovated, but it’s a bit of work that remains,” says Özz Nûjen”

The logical question is whether the terrorist Rahmat Akilov was hired to build / renovate / demolish Gazeliegården?

The next wonder is how the family came into contact with Akilov, and the next question is how it became that one could charge such expensive fees for his services and whether it was work he was paid for? Of course, this is only speculation, but it is amusing to witness the roads that seem to be crossed when a comedian and his sister who work as a migration lawyer come in contact with a shadowy asylum seeker and choose to give him a mission on Gotland.

In addition, the siblings’ father has contributed ten thousand, right into Akilov’s account. Maybe it’s not here, but Debbie Nujens partner Richard Damm opens a refugee home in the fall of 2015, the company Other Omsorg AB will be registered on October 9, 2015.

Well. According to the preamble protocol, Akilov earned 44,446 SEK in 2015.

The 85 000 are thus not included as reported income to the Swedish Tax Agency. However, Akilov receives a contribution from the Swedish Migration Agency. He also gets a fake LMA card , for this he pays 500 kronor.

Cash withdrawals made by Akilov via ATM amount to SEK 197,000. Akilov has previously sent large sums of money abroad – unclear to what. In total, it amounts to 174,000, of which 65,000 are said to go to his family. But the other almost 110,000, sent to Uzbekistan, Turkey, Russia, are more unclear. Terror Financing? Answers are not given. From November / December he will completely use cards. In interrogation he claims that he is living on cash he receives for stretching work. Trustworthy?

To spice it all further, here is a story about an undecided murder on Gotland, October 23, 2015 . A man at the age of 40 is found dead outside. Akilov was on Gotland this date. According to his statement, he leaves the island on October 24th. If I was a police officer … but I’m not.

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