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Taharrush ~ Muslim Rape Game Now Available in Sweden

Taharrush ~ Muslim Rape Game Now Available in Sweden

Every country and religion follows a cultural practice of their own. And the particular practise or belief would have an origin of its own with a preferred significance behind it. What sounds to be legal in some of the countries might not be the same in respect of all countries over the world. Well above all these, accepting a particular belief must be one’s own choice and forced acceptance can never be legal.

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Today I am talking about one such practice (game) followed in Islamic religion and that’s“Taharrush”. Now can you guess what this game is all about? A sport? Or a fun game? I am sorry to say this time you got it wrong. “Taharrush”- it is the sickening and terrifying “Arab Rape Game” that is spreading across Europe. Yes, I agree it’s hard to digest but rape is followed as a game in Arab countries! It is also known as the ‘rape game’, it is believed to have originated in Arabic regions and involves women surrounded by groups of men in crowds and sexually assaulting them. Taharrush is basically an “Arab word which is a reference to flirting” but the meaning changed after the 2011 revolution in Egypt.

Assaulting women and harassing them sexually is a game to these brutal monsters. Shockingly, this game is played in a public place and open grounds and also has spectators to watch them!! Any girl can be a target for this game to be played. This practice has started spreading out of Arab countries and moved to Europe now. And also some sought of symptoms are seen in India as well.

Muslims and Islamists men claim women are respected and revered in their culture and in the “Quran” yet when they are in large groups and feel free of any restraints or personal responsibility their true colors shine through – a total disregard for the honor, dignity, or feelings of women. They are the lowest scum there is and devoid of any honor or morality. And “Taharrush is proof of that”.

On one side there are Hindus, who are striving towards changing the immoral practices followed along with the changing modern times. And on the other hand there exist these butchers of Arab countries, to whom women are a toy to be played with.

If we talk about what happened some years back, this practise could be seen taking place in Misr, Egypt. And the public of Misr stood against the government there in huge numbers and it had become a major issue. At this crowd was present South Africa’s TV reporter “Lara Logan” during her reporting.

Taking advantage of this crowd, a group of boys crowded around her and started teasing and assaulting her. Recalling the incident about what happened with her, Lara said, “before I could gain senses and realize what’s happening, the men started touching me all over my body parts and I was helpless. They were not a few of them but huge in number”.

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What’s frightening is that, this practice does not remain in Arab anymore and is seen spreading to other countries now as well. Europe has been witnessing such incidents in the past few months and evidence for this has been found. If we check out 31st December of last year, colon city of middle-east Asia in Germany had witnessed such an incident there. Some of the refugees had targeted some of the German girls during the New Year eve. And several of the German girls had reported about sexual assaults on them to the German police.

According to German police, it was all pre-planned and decided act committed. And they had a strong feeling and claimed that this was Taharrush for sure- which was slowly spreading to Europe now and other countries as well. The same incident was witnessed in Bangalore city of India last year. Again during the New Year eve, the same sought of cruelty was shown on girls.

What’s horrible to watch in the Arabic countries is that the girls quietly accept this humiliation from the men in the name of religious practice. What sought of religious practice is this? Is assaulting a woman religious? Does your god allow this to be legal? I don’t think such religions and law makers deserve to survive on earth.

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