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Russia President Vladimir Putin mocks Mueller charges as ‘yelling and hollering’

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the United States government to provide evidence his citizens meddled in the 2016 presidential election, dismissing the allegations as nothing more than “yelling and hollering” in Washington. By – Jessica Schladebeck  “I have to see first what they’ve done. Give us materials, give us information,” Putin said in a recent interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly. Special counsel ...

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Trump, Assad, Putin, And The Re-establishment Of American Credibility

President Trump’s action last night, striking with 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles a Syrian military airbase that had been the source of a chemical weapons attack against a rebel-controlled village on Tuesday, has not only punished Syrian dictator Bashar Assad for the use of chemical weapons, but put the broader region, and the rest of the world, on notice that the ...

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Russian police detain opposition leader, hundreds of protesters

Police detained hundreds of protesters across Russia on Sunday, including opposition leader Alexei Navalny, after thousands took to the streets to demonstrate against corruption and demand the resignation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Via: The protests, reckoned to be the biggest since a wave of anti-Kremlin demonstrations in 2011/2012, come a year before a presidential election that Vladimir Putin is ...

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Donald Trump Inaugural Parade Rehearsal – 15 /1/17

Donald Trump Inaugural Parade Rehearsal – 15 /1/17 15:00 Donald Trump Inaugural Parade Rehearsal – 15 /1/17 15:00 – Capitol Hill The military stand-ins for the President, Vice President and their wives, salute the troops while standing on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building during the Pass and Review during the Department of Defense Dress Rehearsal, in front of ...

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The U.S. Has Done It In 45 Countries Worldwide – Election Interference

America has a long history of meddling in the elections of foreign countries, new research shows Via : Russia’s attempt to sway the 2016 election continues to consume American politics as the Obama administration struck back with a series of punishments targeting Russia’s spy agencies and diplomats. The White House on Thursday moved to expel 35 suspected Russian intelligence operatives from the ...

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