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Last weekend in Sweden: More then 40 cars set on fire at Västerås and Uppsala

In Uppsala, dozens of cars were set on fire in a couple areas. The first fire was lit on Salama’s hill  where two cars were set on fire, Fire spread to near cars. When this was extinguished, a new fire  Flames was obtained in Stenhain where Molotov cocktails were thrown in a car. By – Brünnhilde Gustavsberg and Helsingborg’s youth set on fire cars as a ...

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The – right poised for big wins in Sweden election

Riding a wave of anti-immigration feeling, the Sweden Democrats are heading for gains but are unlikely to be in government unless other parties end a boycott of the SD By – Gaël Branchereau The anti-immigration far-right is expected to soar in Sweden’s September 9 general election, capitalizing on voter discontent as Swedes punish traditional parties over immigration, integration and health care. ...

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Västerås’s police intelligence: The city is taken over by Salafist Muslim

The “vulnerable” area of ​​Pettersberg in Västerås is one of many in Sweden, That transformed into an ethnic enclave for migrants and the center of Muslim radicalization in the traces of the immigrant immigration policy.  By – Brünnhilde The police in Västerås are concerned of the development and the crime that the radical groups are committed, to influence all residents to ...

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That’s what it looks like when the court free Muslim who raped a 13-Year-old girl

Abdirahman, who claim to be 17 years old, was one of four Africans who gang raped a 13-year-old girl in Västerås until her abdomen broke out. Despite the bestial assault, the Somali was released after the verdict of the district court – and just a month later, he robbed a 7-eleven shop in Hammarby Heights. But once again the district court refuses ...

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The SAD Truth About Sweden

“I often use Sweden as a deterring example.” The words are not those of Donald Trump, but Anders Fogh Rasmussen. In an interview with Swedish public television in January, the former NATO secretary general and Danish prime minister described Sweden’s immigration policy as a failure and a warning to other countries. By – Paulina Neuding But it was President Trump’s unclear and ...

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Sweden Västerås: segregation bathing times for men and women are in line with gender equality

Västerås City Council voted yesterday for a ban on banning sex offenders in the public baths in the municipality. Thus, the municipality of Västerås can continue segregating the bath houses by gender. Via: friatider.se Muslim women not allowed to show in bikini or without shawls for other men. Therefore, more and more bath houses in Sweden have begun introducing gender segregated bathing times ...

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