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Trumpism Is Thriving In Sweden

President Donald Trump and his allies have been loudly trying to export their core policies of slashing non-white immigration and torpedoing efforts at global cooperation. But with a political win in Sweden, their next big target, looking increasingly likely, the American president might be better served by a new strategy: keeping quiet. By – Akbar Shahid Ahmed The Sweden Democrats, ...

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Wafa Issa Head of Migration Board operates private Refugees company

That Sweden is a “humanitarian superpower” is a myth that needs exposing once and for all. The recent migration wave to Sweden has made some people poor and others very, very rich. It is all about money, and it is about winners and losers. If liberal journalists outside Sweden believe that rape is humanitarian, then Sweden has a humanitarian migration ...

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Link found between Islam and Vikings

Fake News                                     Fake News  An astonishing discovery was made by Uppsala University researchers in Sweden recently, according to which they found Arabic characters woven into funeral clothes of the Viking graves. The words were ‘Allah’ and ‘Ali’. Via: geo.tv The recent findings have opened a ...

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