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Over 1,000 unaccompanied children homeless in Malmö

There are more than 1,000 homeless children in Malmö city alone, reported by a survey from the municipality, according to Sydsvenskan. In addition, the figure increases rapidly. Via: friatider.se Last year there were 887 children who were homeless in Malmö. this last year, the figure risen sharply. Now there are over 1,000 unaccompanied children homeless in the city. This corresponds to one and a half percent ...

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Sweden: Female staff have sex with refugee children at HVB home

A number of women who work with unaccompanied refugee children at HVB homes have been reported for the past two years for having had sexual relations with the youngsters they work with.  Via: Mattias Albinsson One of the coarser cases was discovered in Skövde in August this year. A woman who worked at a HVB home for refugee children spent the night ...

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Sweden became an example of how not to handle immigration

For a British boy to be killed by a grenade attack anywhere is appalling, but for it to happen in a suburb of Gothenburg should shatter a few illusions about Sweden. Last week’s murder of eight-year-old Yuusuf Warsame fits a pattern that Swedes have come slowly to recognise over the years. Via: Tove Lifvendahl  He was from Birmingham, visiting relatives, and ...

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