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Behind The Scenes of Geert Wilders Trial

If Europeans are ever to stand a chance of unravelling the coils of laws constricting their throats, preventing their ability to speak out against the demographic redrawing of their countries or any other potential danger they may note, it may prove helpful understanding how this slow strangulation took shape. Although the gross unfairness of Geert Wilders’s prosecution is clear when ...

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Moroccan man becomes first person on trial in Germany for New Year’s Eve sex assaults 

A Moroccan man has appeared in court today to become the first person to go on trial over the wave of sex assaults in German cities on New Year’s Eve. The man, identified only as Toufik M, is alleged to have been among a group of 30 men who molested a woman. He was identified after a woman recognised his ...

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Free Speech on Trial in the Netherlands

Freedom of speech is the ultimate liberal value — and it is the first value that people who wish to control us would take away. If a court in a Western society decides to censor or punish Geert Wilders or others for non-violent speech, the court not only attacks the very humanistic values and liberal society we claim to hold ...

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