Wednesday , 20 January 2021
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Sisters committed suicide in New York rather than be sent back to Saudi Arabia

Police said a pair of Saudi-born sisters who were found dead and duct taped together alongside the Hudson River last week were previously found praying loudly at a nearby park, and expressed that they would rather commit suicide than return to Saudi Arabia. By – Gina Martinez Scroll 4Video Authorities initially believed the sisters, 16-year-old Tala Farea and 22-year-old Rotan Ferea, ...

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Stop Pretending That Islam and Violence Aren’t Linked

Indonesia, the world’s biggest Muslim-majority country, has a constitution that recognizes other major religions, and practices a syncretic form of Islam that draws on not just the faith’s tenets but local spiritual and cultural traditions. As a result, the nation has long been a voice of, and for, moderation in the Islamic world. Via: Marco Stahlhut  Yet Indonesia is not without ...

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Dozens of U.S. Cities Plan Marches Against Islam’s Sharia Law

Marches against Islamic law were planned Saturday in more than two dozen cities across the United States, but scholars and others say the protesters are stoking unfounded fears and promoting a distorted and prejudiced view of the religion. Via: Andrew Selsky and Jeff Karoub / AP The group organizing the rallies, ACT for America, claims Sharia “is incompatible with Western democracy ...

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