Wednesday , 1 April 2020
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99.99% of Muslims are Peaceful

Have you ever wondered what percentage of Muslims are peaceful?  Thirty percent?  Fifty?  Seventy?  Eighty? Wrong! The actual number is 99.99%! By – Ed Straker That comes from an op-ed-writer at the New York Times named Mustafa Umar, an imam of the Islamic Institute of Orange County, California. Iman Umar, or “Sheik,” as he is called by his congregants, writes how his congregation has been terrorized by ...

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The Ultimate “FAKE NEWS” List

Isn’t it ironic how the mainstream media has the nerve to lecture everyone else about “fake news” when they are the primary source of fake news on a consistent basis stretching back years? Fake news stories and fake narratives put out by the mainstream media have resulted in deaths, destruction and people’s lives being ruined. The most harmful fake news ...

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