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Steve Bannon warns Trump of a coup

Steve Bannon, the former White House strategist, told Fox News on Monday that he believes last week’s annonyous op-ed in The New York Times by a ‘senior’ White House official was likely developed by “six to a dozen” members of the administration. By – Lukas Mikelionis Scroll 4Video “I don’t think there’s any one author,” he told Laura Ingraham, host of ...

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Boris Johnson: Women wearing burkas look like ‘letter boxes’

Boris Johnson has sparked anger by claiming that women wearing burkas look like letter boxes and bank robbers. His comments have been furiously condemned by Muslim leaders and Labour, with MP David Lammy branding him a ‘pound-shop Donald Trump’. By – Harley Tamplin The former foreign secretary made the inflammatory comments in his Daily Telegraph column. However, he insisted that the ...

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Sweden supports Soros battle against Hungary

A few days ago, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban delivered an annual speech to ethnic Hungarians at a summer camp in Romania. He largely echoed the remarks he had made last year, when he bemoaned European liberalism and championed the continent’s Christian identity. But what seemed like boilerplate nationalist rhetoric then has more force now. By – Ishaan Tharoor The Swedish government ...

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The Mainstream Media’s Fake News Paradox

Press hungry to discredit Trump and conservative outlets gets caught publishing bogus attacks. Via: lifezette.com If anti-Trump fake news were a dumpster, the mainstream media would be the flies buzzing around it, and generally delighting in feeding off its trashy goodness. Mainstream media types seem to be operating on the premise that ruining President Trump is more important than facts. First ...

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Bannon: Clinton failed because of ‘media bubble’

President-elect Trump’s senior adviser Steve Bannon said the reason Hillary Clinton failed in her bid for the White House is because of the national media that largely model themselves after the New York Times. In an interview published Friday, Bannon said it’s the “media bubble” that did Clinton in and led Trump to win the election in an upset victory. ...

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