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Sweden bribed its way to a seat in the UN Security Council

In a few days, Sweden will be occupying a seat at the UN Security Council, including the chairmanship. This was the result of a hard campaign initiated in 2015 to gain endorsement among the voting governments. For that purpose, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs spent expended 27 million SEK. The operation included the invitation to Stockholm, of UN ambassadors ...

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Sweden’s unethical and unlawful ­­ arms deals with ‘ISIS-backing’ Saudis

By Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli, Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven, and with him the Swedish arms-dealer magnate Jacob Wallenberg, are travelling to Saudi Arabia for an official visit. The meetings with the Saudis, as announced by the Swedish Radio, shall aim to “increase the exchange” between the two countries. [1] At the same time, the Chairman of the ...

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Swedish PM rules out talks with SD party

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has knocked down suggestions that he let the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrat party join cross-party talks, saying its white supremacist roots meant it was “not a party like the others”. “This is a party with racist roots, which has come out of the white supremacist movement,” Stefan Löfven told Sveriges Radio. “I can never work together ...

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Asylum seekers leaving Sweden in record numbers

As the refugee crisis gripped Europe and its Nordic neighbors, politicians and leaders were forced to wrestle with new laws and provisions to stop the influx of migrants arriving on their territory, or at least cope with it. In 2015, Germany opened up its doors and borders to almost a million refugees, while Sweden imposed strict identity checks for all railway passengers arriving ...

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