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This Week in Russia – September 12, 2017

Speaking before Russian journalists at a press conference following the BRICS summit in China, Russian President Vladimir Putin answered a question on Russia-U.S. relations and whether he is disappointed with Donald Trump since his election as U.S. President.  Via: Putin: “Now, about the President of the United States. I think that it would be inappropriate for us to discuss how the ...

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Inside the Global Jihad September 7, 2017

Main events of the week              ISIS continues its string of setbacks: In Syria – on 1 September 2017 the SDF announced they had completed the capture of the Old City of Al-Raqqah. According to the SDF, they are now in control of 65% of the city. At the same time the Syrian regime forces and ...

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with the National Interest Magazine

Question: I’d like to start by asking you about your forthcoming meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, we’ve read in the press that the two of you may be meeting soon. Sergey Lavrov: So they say. Question: Could you perhaps tell us about your expectations and goals in dealing with Secretary Tillerson? Sergey Lavrov: Well, after the American ...

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Russian Foreign Minister mocks Löfven’s ‘childish’ election interference fears

Sergey Lavrov has labelled Sweden’s Prime Minister “childish” for expressing fears over Russian influence in Sweden’s election next year. Via: In an interview with US magazine National Interest, Lavrov said there was “no proof” Russia was involved in the US elections or has interfered in Germany and France ahead of their respective elections this year.  He then said: “By the ...

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The Battle For Aleppo, Syria’s STALINGRAD, Ends

Aleppo has been part of human history for some five thousand years. Abraham is said to have grazed his sheep on its slopes and donated their milk to the local poor. Alexander the Great founded a Hellenic settlement there. The city is cited in the Book of Samuel and Psalm 60, and for centuries its residents reflected the three great Abrahamic faiths. It was ...

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