Thursday , 28 January 2021
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US accuse Russia of complicity in Syrian chemical attack

President Trump’s top diplomat accuse Russia of complicity in Syria’s war crimes during a face-to-face meeting in Moscow this week with Vladimir Putin’s foreign minister, it was reported Sunday. Via: Mary Kay Linge     Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will demand that Russia yank its support from Bashar al-Assad’s bloody dictatorship over Syria, where hundreds of thousands of innocents have died ...

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Russia deploy forces in Egypt, eyes on Libya role

Russia appears to have deployed special forces to an airbase in western Egypt near the border with Libya in recent days, U.S., Egyptian and diplomatic sources say, a move that would add to U.S. concerns about Moscow’s deepening role in Libya. Via: The U.S. and diplomatic officials said any such Russian deployment might be part of a bid to support ...

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Russia Seeks Another Mediterranean Naval Base in Libya

Russia has been ramping up its involvement in the Libyan sociopolitical crisis, which has been ongoing since the removal of its ruler, Muammar Qaddafi. Russia has been strengthening its ties with Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who heads the Libyan National Army.  Via: / Michael Segall Haftar has longstanding ties with Moscow going back to the early 1970s. After Qaddafi’s fall, ...

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German “Alarmed” Over Threat To Election From Fake News And Russians

An intelligence source told BuzzFeed News that they fear 2017’s federal elections could see a repeat of the misinformation and hacking that disrupted the US presidential race. German intelligence agencies have warned that a combination of fake news and Russian interference through hacking and misinformation could disrupt next year’s federal elections in a way that mirrors what happened during the ...

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Syria announces new offensive, diplomats fail to renew truce

Syria announced a new offensive against rebel-held areas of Aleppo on Thursday while diplomats failed to find a way in New York to revive a U.S. and Russian-brokered ceasefire that collapsed this week. Warplanes mounted the heaviest air strikes in months against rebel-held districts of Syria’s commercial hub and largest city, dealing a fresh blow to efforts to end Syrian ...

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Russia pushes Sweden away from neutrality

Since the annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of war in eastern Ukraine in 2014, things have gotten tense between Russia and Sweden. Russian jets have repeatedly prodded Swedish airspace, a massive hunt was launched for a foreign submarine — suspected to be Russian — off the coast of Stockholm, and the closure of Swedish airspace last November may have been caused by a Russian cyber-attack. ...

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