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Botkyrka Sweden: School decided to segregate the high school pupils’ swimming lessons

Gender-divided swimming lessons in municipal schools raises question marks At the Broängs school in Botkyrka, one of Sweden’s most immigrant municipalities, it has been decided to segregate the high school pupils’ swimming lessons from the Autumn Term. By –  Elodie Lewis  The rise in women-only swimming hours has been promoted as offering a safe space for women and girls who may ...

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Uppsala: Muslim Immigrants Get Job At PreSchool Parents do not feel safe

Parents arrived to pick their 6 year old children up from the first day of class when they noticed 4 newly arrived Muslim Men in the Farm area among the 6 year old. By – Elodie Lewis One of the Fathers is very upset and tries to find someone in charge to answer questions – who takes responsibility if something happens ...

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Sweden’s Islamic Party Calls Muslim in Sweden to boycott the election

An Islamic video is spreading in social media where Muslims are advised not to vote “We are your brothers in Hizb ut-Tahrir urging you to boycott the election, says Sayed who speaks in the video. By – Brünnhilde Why should the Muslims stand against the Swedish election? This question poses the Islamic party Hizb ut-Tahrir in a video of July 21 spread ...

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Sweden: Hundreds of suspect arsonists per day

FIRES. Forest fires have raged for weeks. But it is quiet about many arsons. In recent weeks, prosecutors initiated around 100 preliminary investigations per day, regarding forest and field fires, writes DN. Even the major industrial fire raging in Gothenburg on Sunday night is believed to be an arson. By – Brünnhilde Only after several weeks since the fires started looming, ...

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Strömsnäsbruk – The Arabs Have Taken Over

Strömsnäsbruk appears to be a scenic location, situated next to the rolling river Lagan, in Småland municipality Markaryd. 2,400 inhabitants live in this seemingly idyllic place, once known for the paper mills that were in use decades ago. By – Brünnhilde And this is where the now- renowned Syrian multi-part family moved from Nacka – three homes to three wives and ...

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