Saturday , 15 August 2020
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Terrorist funding report may not publish amid claims it focuses on Saudi Arabia

An investigation into the foreign funding of extremist Islamist groups may never be published, the Home Office has admitted. The inquiry commissioned by David Cameron, was launched as part of a deal with the Liberal Democrats in December 2015, in exchange for the party supporting the extension of British airstrikes against Isis into Syria. Via: May Bulman                     ...

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Islamists Building ‘Parallel Society’ in Sweden Aided By PC Culture of Silence

Aided by a politically correct culture of “tolerance”, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is secretly building a “parallel” society in Sweden by infiltrating organisations and political parties, a government report has concluded. Via:  Surprisingly, the document takes aim at “political elites” for fostering a doctrine of multiculturalism and silence, which can help and facilitate the nefarious ends of anti-democratic organisation like ...

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Debate rages in Sweden over Muslim Brotherhood report

A report commissioned by Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) to look into the influence of the Islamist organization the Muslim Brotherhood in the country has sparked debate, with a number of researchers disputing the methodology used and conclusions reached. Via: The report suggests that the Muslim Brotherhood is secretly leading Islamists in building a parallel society in Sweden by infiltrating ...

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Swedish women get hotline to report mansplaining

Women who have things mansplained to them in the workplace can now report it to a dedicated hotline. Unionen, Sweden’s largest union, is encouraging members to call up when male colleagues give them unsolicited lectures on things they already understand. The organisation, which represents 600,000 private sector workers, launched the advice line on Monday and said it will be open ...

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