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Muslim converts to Pope Francis: ‘If Islam is a good religion…as you seem to teach, why did we become Catholic?’

Muslims who have converted to Catholicism have penned an open letter to Pope Francis challenging him on his attitude towards and preaching on Islam. By – Lisa Bourne “If Islam is a good religion in itself, as you seem to teach, why did we become Catholic?” the converts ask Francis in the letter. “Do not your words question the soundness of the ...

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Pope Denounces ‘Murderous Indifference’ by Powers in Mideast

Pope Francis on Saturday denounced the “murderous indifference” that has allowed violence to consume the Middle East and drive tens of thousands of Christians from their homes, calling out global powers for seeking power and profit at the expense of the region’s people during a remarkable gathering of Orthodox patriarchs and Catholic leaders. By – Associated Press Francis hosted the daylong ...

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Easter 2017, Christians ‘Most Persecuted Group in the World’

In many parts of the world, Christians gathering to celebrate Christ’s resurrection do so with the knowledge that any day their faith could cost them their lives as it has for thousands of their brothers and sisters. Via:  Thomas D. Williams On Palm Sunday, twin bombings by jihadists at two Egyptian churches killed at least 45 worshippers and wounded more than ...

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Pope, in Sweden, says Reformation had positive aspects

Pope Francis on Monday recognized the positive aspects of the Reformation sparked by Martin Luther in a further gesture of reconciliation to Lutherans, who split with Rome 500 years ago. Francis, the first pope to visit Sweden in nearly 30 years, made his comments during a historic joint prayer service in the Lutheran cathedral of Lund, where he also said ...

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Obama has taken in 5,435 Syrian Muslim refugees, but only 28 Christians

U.S. Helps Muslims, not Christians Muslim Persecution of Christians: July, 2016 The Obama administration has taken in 5,435 Muslim refugees, but only 28 Christians — even though Christians are approximately 10 percent of Syria’s population and are classified as experiencing a genocide there. The logic of the pope’s statement seems to be that violence done that contradicts the Judeo-Christian God’s ...

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Islamic State Answers Pope Francis: Ours Is a Religious War and We Hate You

The Islamic State terror group has come out publicly to reject Pope Francis’ claims that the war being waged by Islamic terrorists is not religious in nature, assuring the pontiff that their sole motivation is religious and sanctioned by Allah in the Qur’an. The Islamic State terror group has come out publicly to reject Pope Francis’ claims that the war being ...

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