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Sweden: The defense posture of a ‘peace nation’

“Step by step,” says the defense minister, Peter Hultqvist. “Step by step, we are developing our military capability.” (He might say redeveloping.) Sweden is adjusting to the new realities of the region. By – Jay Nordlinger  What region? Scandinavia? Sweden is indeed a Scandinavian country, along with its western neighbors, Norway and Denmark. Unlike them, Sweden is also a Baltic state, ...

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Sweden plans to crack down on gang crime

Nobody should have to live in fear of shootings or gang crime, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven told reporters after a meeting with the government’s council on security politics on Thursday morning.  Via: thelocal.se  “Common strategies against organized crime are needed. Nobody should have to fear shootings where they live or organized crime,” he said. “Criminals should be worried and sleep poorly ...

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Rattled by Russia, Sweden to Bring Back Conscription

Sweden plans to bring back military conscription to counter Russia’s military buildup in the Baltic Sea, in a move that underscores how tensions are mounting along Europe’s borders with the nuclear superpower.  Via: bloomberg.com The decision by the government in Stockholm means that some 13,000 young men and women born from 1999 onward will be called for enrollment from July 1, ...

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Spies have been identified in Sweden

Sweden’s Military Intelligence Service (Must) says that it has identified people linked to foreign intelligence agencies operating in the country. Via: thelocal.se Those people have “without reasonable cause, been at and studied areas of important to Swedish national defence,” Must notes in its new annual report of 2016. “These are people we have been able to identify who can be linked ...

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Sweden beefs up defense in case of Russian invasion

Russia: Officials are ordered to return to Cold War tactics and implement their Total Defence Strategy as fears of invasion grow Officials in Sweden have been ordered to make sure they are ready for war  The government says local authorities should be better prepared for aggression Comes as fears of a Russian invasion in Sweden grow following annex of Crimea ...

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