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Swedish Comedian Sparks Outrage by Calling Right-Wing Voters ‘Apes’

A potshot by a controversial Kurdish-Swedish comedian, in which he used a monkey comparison to attack over a million Swedes who voted Sweden Democrat, has resulted in a massive backlash. By – Europe In an opinion piece published in Expressen, a tabloid daily newspaper, popular stand-up comedian and columnist Ozz Nujen slammed the right-wing Sweden Democrats (SD), whom he not only ...

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Swedenstan: Why Did The Terrorist Akilove RECEIVE 85,000 From The Ozz Nujens Family ?

The fact that Sweden’s migration policy is gravely dysfunctional is a fact. Politicians and prosecutors work carelessly with human life and expose the nation’s citizens to hazardous risks against their lives. By – Katerina Janouch Such an example is the case of the terrorist Rahmat Akilov. Had the Swedish migration policy operated as it should, the terrorist attack on Drottninggatan probably ...

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