Wednesday , 30 September 2020
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Malmö is the future of Sweden

Malmö reached some sort of new record on Friday. Then there were three shootings in public environments over the course of 20 hours. Via: At one of the shootings, someone unconsciously shot several shots against a multi-family house. The bullets entered between floors one and eight. At another shot, a man with several shots is shot inside a hairdresser’s salon. The third shooting also ...

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If Sweden and Denmark Are So Progressive, Why Did They Close Their Doors to Refugees?

As the migration crisis drags on, even the most tolerant countries in Europe are embracing anti-immigrant politics. The trains from Copenhagen to Malmö leave every few minutes. Shortly after departing the Copenhagen airport they reach the Øresund Bridge, a low-lying metal structure that spans the strait connecting Denmark and Sweden. They pass a watery wind farm, its modern turbines rotating ...

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Swedish authorities fear rise in Öresund link asylum treks

Three people have been seized by police after they were discovered walking on the railway from Denmark to Sweden. Train traffic on the Öresund bridge connecting the two Scandinavian countries was interrupted while Danish and Swedish police arrested the trio, the TT news agency reported on Friday. Their identities or nationalities were not immediately known. According to Copenhagen police, there ...

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