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Vivalla in Örebro Well Come returning jihadists From Syria

Säpo chef Anders Thornberg has said that the radical Islamists have increased from a few hundred to thousands in just over ten years. Vivalla is one of the areas where Säpo believes that the concentration of the radical Islamic group is particularly high. Via: friatider.se A Swedish city is considering giving jihadists returning from Syria and Iraq free housing, a driver’s license, ...

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Sweden: Six out of ten women feel insecure

Half of all Swedes feel insecure in their cities and crime, because few police and drunk persons are the main reasons. A cording to  Technology and Architectural Group Project Commitment Report The Social Barometer. Most unsafe are the residents of Stockholm, Södermanland and Uppsala, while the Gotlands and Norrbottens are the ones who feel safe. Via: mynewsdesk.com The social barometer 2017 is based ...

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Number of Islamist violent in Sweden gone from hundreds to thousands

In a few years, the number of violent Islamist extremists in Sweden has gone from hundreds to thousands, estimates Säpo. But who are these extremists?  The knowledge is inadequate among the police and municipal officials working in the cities that Säpo points out, shows SVT News’s survey. Via: svt.se It is especially in some areas of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Örebro as the ...

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German woman killed and Afghan guard beheaded in Kabul

Gunmen in the Afghan capital Kabul have attacked a guesthouse, killing a German woman and beheading an Afghan guard. Via: bbc.com The attackers stormed a guesthouse run by a Swedish NGO, Operation Mercy, at about 23:30 (19:00 GMT) on Saturday, the Afghan interior ministry said. A second woman, from Finland, is missing and has possibly been kidnapped, the ministry said. In ...

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Sweden Wonders Did We Take Too Many Muslim Immigrants?

It has been only three years since she came to Sweden from Syria, but Hiba Abou Alhassane already says “we” when speaking about her new home country. Via: nytimes.com “Did we, I mean did Sweden, take too many Muslim Immigrants? Should we close the border?” she pondered this week after President Trump’s remarks that Sweden’s immigration policies had failed. “It already ...

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The Swedish town where migrant gangs have killed multiculturalism

This is the state of liberalism today. So determined to prove I am wrong, my observations erroneous, the stories I have on tape inaccurate, that it has lost all sight of the raped migrant child crumpled in the corner. Via: dailymail.co.uk Similarly, the ‘we know better brigade’ are so puffed up with smug self-importance as they point out Trump got his ...

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