Saturday , 29 February 2020
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5 most radical anti-ghetto plans in Europe

Denmark has announced a crackdown on migrant-dominated ghettos, but how likely are the new measures to actually come into force, and will they make a difference? The fate of Europe’s previous anti-ghetto plans offers a guide. By – Igor Ogorodnev Proposal Twenty-two initiatives have been put forward by the center-right government, including doubling sentences for crimes committed in areas designated as ghettos, a reduction ...

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Hollande set to lose French presidency after complaining ‘there are too many immigrants

FRENCH president Francios Hollande looks set to lose his leadership of the socialist party after a controversial list of claims was leaked. The European leader’s controversial statements reportedly included Hollande saying the justice system was “full of cowards”, that there were “too many immigrants” and that there was a “problem” with Islam.Mr Hollande also spoke harshly about senior politicians in ...

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What Is Hidden Behind the “Burkini Ban” in France

In thirty years, France has undergone an accelerated process of Islamization. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the main Islamic movement in France, explained how Muslims living in the West have to proceed: they may use terror, they may use seduction, exploit Westerners’ sense of guilt, grab public spaces, change laws, and create their own society inside Western societies until they ...

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