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Young woman attacked and Brutally raped at Malmo beach by immigrant

A young woman was overpowered while riding her bicycle- and later subjected to a brutal rape attack in public during the night on Saturday. The woman was also reportedly beaten. She has been transported to a hospital for healthcare with an ambulance. By – Brünnhilde “She was found by a passerby who was shocked to find her in her condition,” said ...

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Arab rapist from Malmo: “I could have had sex with her in my sleep”

A 59-year-old man from the Middle East raped a young woman at a party in Malmö. and tried to argue that he raped her in his sleep and therefore was not responsible for his crime.  By – Brünnhilde The court however did not buy his defence. According to the judgment, the crime allegedly took place when the 59-year-old in December 2016 ...

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Elderly woman who wrote: IQ level is going to fall due to MUSLIM immigration – prosecuted for hatred

A 65-year-old woman from Jönköping is currently being charged with hatred against a population group because she posted on Facebook that immigration will lead to a lower IQ level in Sweden. By – Brünnhilde  The elderly woman from Jönköping has been charged with writing several so-called subversive posts on immigration and immigrants, in particular against Muslims, on Facebook. “If this continues, ...

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Aftonbladet’s “Hero of the Year”: Näthats networking policeman

Every year, Aftonbladet selects eight “heroes” that are praised as Swedish Heroes by the end of the year. One of them is Tomas Åberg, Project Manager for the Network Surveillance Officer. On Saturday, he was chosen as one of the nominees on Aftonbladet.se, with the reasoning behind his nomination that he has “reported 750 notifications” of radical language online.. By ...

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