Sunday , 29 November 2020
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Sweden’s 2018 Election: A Blueprint For Fake News Countering

Different election, same problem. By now, the fact that foreign powers might try to influence other countries’ elections by spreading disinformation, is no longer surprising to anyone.  By – Federico Guerrini Much less so to Swedish politicians and lawmakers, who have witnessed Russian efforts to manipulate the U.S. elections two years ago, and are by no means willing to let anything similar happen ...

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Swedish security chief warning on fake news

The head of Sweden’s security service has told the BBC the agency is not just dealing with an increased threat of terrorism but also the impact of disinformation and fake news. Anders Thornberg, the director of the service ( Sapo), says this year could be even busier than 2017 as the country prepares for an election in September. By – Gordon ...

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Sweden’s getting ready for the election-year information war

While the US debates to what extent Russia influenced its presidential election, a small country in northern Europe is already gearing up to fend off foreign interference in its next election. Via: Emma Löfgren  The debate about foreign interference in the US presidential election has dominated global news for the past year, including the recent release of a trove of social ...

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Sweden: New Muslim immigrants will save Sweden railroad

The problems of the Swedish rail industry will be solved with the aid of immigrants. The Swedish Transport Administration started a fast training for new Muslim immigrants arrivals. The new arrivals will “save the railroad” Via:  The new education is at the Trafikverksskolan in Ängelholm. There, 50 newly arrived engineers with background in different industries will learn more about the Swedish rail network. The ...

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The Swedish Transport Administration warns of al-Qaeda’s new targets – rail traffic

Terrorist group al-Qaeda published a detailed guide on how to trace trains this week. Aftonbladet has received an email sent by the Swedish Transport Administration to, inter alia, SJ and MTR, where personnel are advised to pay attention to “track jumping” and foreign objects. Via: Adam Westin   “These are recommendations to commit terror attacks where you do not have to blow ...

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