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London Gave Shelter to Radical Islam and Now It’s Paying the Price

The U.K. has mistakenly subcontracted the management of its Muslim population to community brokers. British law enforcement struggling to cope with a burgeoning wave of terrorism? It’s the ghost of the Raj, British rule in India, that has come back to haunt Britain, says Gilles Kepel, a leading French expert on fundamentalist Islam and the author of “Terror in France: ...

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London bridges fitted with security barriers in response to terrorism

Security barriers were installed overnight on three London bridges after Saturday night’s terrorist attack that saw a white van mow down pedestrians on London Bridge. Via: Eleanor Rose    TfL confirmed that fences were erected on Waterloo, Lambeth and Westminster bridges. Commuters were pictured crossing the bridges behind the sturdy-looking new structures. It came as Londoners returned to work amid ...

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London: 500 Closed Churches ; 423 New Mosques

British multiculturalists are feeding Islamic fundamentalism. Muslims do not need to become the majority in the UK; they just need gradually to Islamize the most important cities. The change is already taking place. Via: gatestoneinstitute.org  British personalities keep opening the door to introducing Islamic sharia law. One of the leading British judges, Sir James Munby, said that Christianity no longer influences ...

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