Friday , 22 November 2019
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Sweden’s Left Government Support Of Polygamous Marriage Increasing Before Election

In a  Guiding judgement of June 12, the Kammarratten in Jonkoping arrived at  a decision to regard Women/Wives  who are in a Polygamous marriage as a ” Single Mother  with a child/children”  for the purposes of paying Housing Allowance.  This decision, in effect, means that the multiple Wives of Muslim immigrants would be eligible to be paid one thousand kronor ...

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Normal Week in Sweden

In Sweden, car-burnings are not major news anymore; they have become a part of daily life. Cars are torched in Swedish towns on a regular basis. Via: Fjordman Between January and September 2017, Sweden experienced 6000 car-burnings. That equals roughly 22 car fires per day. Schools and other buildings are sometimes targeted by arsonists as well. Meanwhile, a report claims that ...

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Police raid the church of Sweden for illegal Muslim immigrants

The Church of Sweden has landed in an ethic dispute after a police raid unearthed its practice of sheltering Muslim illegal migrants. While the church officials accused the police of using them as bait, the police retorted that no one was exempt from Swedish law, not even a house of God. Via: Over the past weekend, 16 people were taken into custody ...

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