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Useful Idiots of Cultural Jihad

Far from being a symbol of empowerment, the new Hijab Barbie is an example of a cultural and civilizational jihad — and the submission of a Western company, Mattel, to that jihad. Cultural jihad is the attempt to change and subvert Western culture from within, or more simply put: to Islamize it. Via: Judith Bergman     |     November 27, 2017  ...

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Linda Sarsour: Jihad is “A Peaceful Self-Struggle”!

What Linda Sarsour said is technically correct, but simply not accurate. It is just half of the truth. What Sarsour did not, and probably will not, say is that the concept of jihad in Islam, as it is widely taught and understood in Islamic jurisprudence, is not only self-struggle or peaceful opposition, but also using force and violence to defend ...

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Why are the Hard U.S. Leftists Aligned with Radical Islamists ?

The leftist media and other American liberals insist on portraying President Trump’s position as a fight against Islam and Muslims. In fact, most moderate Muslims are not offended by the phrase “radical Islam,” because they are very distressed by the fact that their religion has been commandeered by the radicals and transformed from a religion of peace into a more ...

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Trojan Horses in Women’s Movement

It must be so convenient, while marching in the safe confines of Washington DC, to advocate that other women — far away — be genitally mutilated, married off in childhood, and beaten and violated in their own homes. These women in hijabs marching on Washington do not have to live in this “Utopia.” They are comfortably living in the “infidel ...

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Organizer For DC Women’s March, Linda Sarsour Is Pro Sharia Law with Ties To Hamas

Approximately 200,000 people participated in a ‘Women’s March’ in D.C. on Saturday. One of the organizers of the march, Linda Sarsour is a Pro-Palestine Muslim activist.   Via: thegatewaypundit.com She also advocates for Sharia Law in America and has ties to terrorist organization, Hamas. Linda Sarsour is very vocal about her support for Palestine and her utter hatred for Israel. She ...

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