Wednesday , 1 April 2020
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China Launches Its First Home-Built Clone Of An Aircraft Carrier

China has launched its first home-built aircraft carrier—a clone of the Russian Kuznetsov class carrier Beijing obtained through a dizzying transfer scheme executed nearly two decades ago. Via: Tyler Rogoway                  Since then, China restored the rusting hulk of that carrier, known originally as Riga, into its first operational carrier, the Liaoning (CV-16). Deeply refurbishing a carrier that many thought was unsalvageable gave China ...

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FIRST LOOK: Russia war fleet fully loaded for battle off UK coast in shock photos

Photos show the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov with Su-27 jet fighters on its deck within a mile of the UK coastline.Missiles can be seen on the warplanes, while combat helicopters and armed guards are visible nearby, within sight of the British coast.Smoke billows from the ship, Russia’s only aircraft carrier, as it leads a fleet of eight through the English ...

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