Monday , 18 January 2021
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Ending Aid to Terrorists

                           Palestinian law rewards those who kill Jews, including Americans.  In his eulogy recently for Israeli statesman Shimon Peres, President Obama spoke of the “unfinished business” of Israeli-Palestinian peace. Now he or Donald Trump have an opportunity to advance the cause—by backing legislation to stop the flow of ...

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In France Muslim “refugees” tell Christian “WE WILL KILL YOU”

“No, you are not free, you are in the Jungle. The Jungle has Kurdish rule here – leave this camp.” Before too long, all of Europe and the UK will have Islamic rules, which you will have to obey or leave — and hope you get out alive. “Christian convert in French refugee camp told: ‘We will kill you’”, World ...

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ISIS attackers kill priest in France church attack

Two jihadists murdered an 85-year-old priest celebrating Mass in a church near Normandy Tuesday — one of them forcing him to kneel near the altar before slitting his throat as the other captured the gruesome act of terror on video, French officials said. A nun who escaped said she saw the attackers give a sermon in Arabic at the altar as ...

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